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SRA urges firms to engage with online reviews

3 October 2018

Responding to online reviews is more important than ever, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has told law firms. It also urged solicitors not to be afraid of negative reviews.

High Court finds oral agreement to pay solicitor’s fees

25 September 2018

The High Court has found there was an oral agreement between a solicitor and the son-in-law of a client that the latter would cover his fees, which in the end totalled £330,000.

Consumer satisfaction with lawyers reaches new high

1 August 2018

Consumers are happier with the service they receive from lawyers than any other time this decade, according to new research.

Law firms face £6m negligence claim from property investors

30 July 2018

Two law firms have been facing multiple claims worth nearly £6m from disgruntled investors who lost money on hotels and student accommodation that were never built.

Solicitors, surveyors and estate agents reach NI “understanding”

24 July 2018

An agreement between solicitors, surveyors and estate agents in Northern Ireland to improve the conveyancing process could be a template for England and Wales.

“Huge savings to come” from local land charge digitisation

16 July 2018

HM Land Registry launched its new digital local land charges register last week, which will cut the time it takes to get results from days or weeks to seconds.

ICAEW takes voluntary approach to firms publishing prices

12 July 2018

The accountancy regulator has decided not to force its firms that provide reserved probate services to publish their fees – unlike the legal regulators.

‘Mystery shoppers’ finds law firms missing out on business

12 July 2018

Law firms are still failing to respond to customer enquiries properly, with a mystery shopper survey showing a “dismally poor” performance in respect of follow-up calls.

Home owners “do not trust” law firms referred by estate agents

3 July 2018

A significant proportion of home owners do not trust the law firms they are referred to by estate agents, a survey has found.

Conveyancing clients would pay more for “premium” service, research finds

4 June 2018

Over a third of home movers would be prepared to pay more for a “premium customer service” from their conveyancer, according to new research that also charts how local solicitors have lost ground to licensed conveyancers and online operations. It said that many conveyancing firms were not responding quickly enough to “21st century mindsets”.

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22 August 2019

Mind the gap

The gap I am talking about is the one between what PII and the compensation fund covers. It is a surprisingly large gap and so far hundreds of clients, and millions of pounds, have fallen into it.

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