Sentry Funding

Sentry Funding helps law firms raise litigation funding from a diverse panel of funders through our market leading technology; the Sentry Portal.

It used to be commonplace for litigators to use a single funder, or not discuss litigation funding at all, but we’re working with the industry to change that.

Litigators input details of their case into the Sentry Portal and if it fits the criteria of one or more of our panel funders, a decision in principle certificate is generated.

We then manage the application process and give third parties such as Barristers, Insurers and Cost Lawyers access to the same transparent digital case file. Working together to deliver fast funding arrangement.

We support funders to acquire new business through a national network of litigators. Funders input their criteria into the Sentry Portal and when a new case arrives that fits the selected criteria the funder is made aware. The Sentry Portal streamlines funders back-office administration which reduces costs and speeds up application processing times.

Automated Litigation Funding – Rapid Raise ™

Specialising in funding below £500k. Our pioneering Rapid Raise™ funding product offers lawyers and their clients an automated funding process that can deliver a funding agreement in days.

  • Rapid Raise One: A clear solution for one-off commercial disputes. Funding between £50,000 – £500,000.
  • Rapid Raise Two: Scheme funding. Funding between £5,000 – £50,000.
  • Rapid Raise Three: Low-value scheme funding: Funding between £1,000 – £5,000.

Funders subscribe to the Rapid Raise products and commit to our fixed pricing. So, litigators know exactly what to expect before an application is made and can be confident in arranging funding for cases that fit the pre-agreed criteria.

Track Record

  • Delivered £100m+ in litigation funding since launch in Jan 2020.
  • 18,000+ claims have been processed through the Sentry Portal.
  • Fastest application to drawdown of capital; 48 hours.

Figures correct as of 20/03/2024

Key Features

  • Experienced team: Leadership team come from a regulated background and have extensive experience in capital raising and technology.
  • Digital case file: The Sentry Portal provides a fully transparent digital case file that enables third parties to work together to secure funding.
  • Diverse panel of funders: Saving lawyers time searching the market for appropriate funding for their clients.
  • Automated litigation funding: Taking the guess work out of applying for funding and speeding up the application process.
  • ISO27001 Accredited: Showing our commitment to data security and having robust processes and procedures.
  • ALF Associate: Associate member of the Association of Litigation Funders




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