AragARAG provides calm certainty and protection in the face of a legal storm.

We do this by writing risks through a variety of distribution channels that retain flexibility on claims handling arrangements and at the same time provide a range of other legal services to the insured.

The UK office was founded in 2006 by a team of six highly experienced market professionals. ARAG is going from strength to strength with an in-house team that has grown to over 35. In November 2009, ARAG received the accolade of “ATE Insurance Provider of the Year.” This year ARAG has been voted “Team of the year” and won the award for “Most Innovative use of Software by an Insurer” at the claims technology awards. 

Our mission from the very beginning has always been to enable every citizen to be able to assert their legal rights. Our pioneering spirit has made us successful throughout the world. We have become experts in developing and advancing the concept of legal insurance with innovative products and services by understanding the many and varied different legal systems that exist.

Additionally we have developed a client-centered performance culture by measuring ourselves based on the recognition we receive.  We evaluate performance, innovate our products and assess our services based on the views and triumphs of our clients.

As a partner we provide guidance, advice and security, both now and in the future. We protect both individuals and companies with quality products and services that are suitable for all their needs in the area of legal and assistance insurance.

ARAG UK is on target to join the top five legal services providers within the next two years.

For further information please visit or telephone 0117 917 1680.

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