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Land DataLand Data is the official government-appointed organisation that manages and regulates the National Land Information Service (NLIS).

Land Data is a Community Interest Company established in 2001 by a central-local government partnership to serve the interests of the public. Its role is to make authoritative property search information electronically accessible to all, whilst at the same time improving the home buying and selling process.

Through NLIS, Land Data provides the legal and conveyancing sectors with official electronic land and property information at a fair price, from source, delivered through the only regulated, secure and truly national provider in England and Wales. Land Data is responsible for the management and regulation of the commercial contracts underpinning NLIS, and works with both public and private partners to improve access to authoritative land and property information.

Land Data also plays a unique role in the Local Authority Local Land Charges (LLC) community. It is the sole provider of LLC training and brings LLC officers together every year for the Local Land Charges conference and Excellence Awards.

The National Land Information Service (NLIS) is the electronic market leader in the conveyancing searches market. Since 2001 it has been providing a secure gateway to authoritative data providers in England and Wales including every Local Authority in England and Wales, HM Land Registry, the Coal Authority and water companies. All searches ordered through an NLIS licensed channel are classified as ‘official’ searches, because users are connected directly to official sources of land and property data. Solicitors and conveyancers benefit from an efficient service, safe in the knowledge that the searches are authoritative, comprehensive and insured. NLIS is the safest, most secure and only regulated data hub in the land and property information market.

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