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ReviewSolicitors is now integrated with LinkedIn

ReviewSolicitors are excited to announce a new integration with Linkedin. Law firms using ReviewSolicitors to collect their client feedback and reviews can now automatically share their 4 and 5 star reviews on the platform.

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Certainty - The National Will Register

Certainty Will Search locates Wills that contain unknown funeral wishes

A Certainty Will Search ensures that everything possible has been done to locate the last valid Will of the deceased. It is not uncommon for Wills to include funeral wishes such as burial wishes that loved ones may not be aware of prior to locating the Will, therefore creating a risk that these wishes may be accidentally overlooked when the funeral is arranged. A Certainty Will Search can protect against this by quickly locating the last valid Will of the deceased.

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Improving comparison information for consumers – take part in our pilot

A legal sector pilot scheme is being launched which aims to further improve the information available to the public when choosing a legal services provider.

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Redbrick Solutions

Search insurance – Cover, Claims and Common Misconceptions

It is estimated that 1 in 3 property transactions require some form of search or indemnity insurance and yet it is often seen as an ‘add on’ to the conveyancing process. Because of the increasing need for insurance, it should be considered as managing risk not just as selling insurance products.

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Insight Legal

Does your legal accounting software fit the bill?

Staying compliant with accounting regulations is an imperative of legal service providers. Yet headlines abound in trade publications of law firms failing to do so.

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Title Research

A step-by-step review of the risks and challenges in the estate administration process

A new blog from Title Research takes a look at the estate administration process, alongside the risks and challenges one may face at each stage.

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Duncan Ogilvie-ARAG UK

ARAG appoints Duncan Ogilvie to lead product development

Leading legal expenses and assistance provider ARAG has appointed Duncan Ogilvie to head up the company’s pivotal product development function, following the death of Lesley Attu, last year.

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Internationally recognised law firm Bennett Jones LLP adopts iManage knowledge unlocked

iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced that Bennett Jones LLP – a top Canadian law firm with more than 500 lawyers and 7 offices across Canada and the United States – has extended its deployment of iManage Work by adopting iManage Knowledge Unlocked, an AI-based enterprise search solution which enables firms to gain more from knowledge management.

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Everything has changed. Nothing has changed

For the majority of Black and ethnic minority citizens in this country, legal services are still as hard to reach, as hard to choose, or as hard to trust, as they were years ago.