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North West growth the target for 2019 as Hudgell Solicitors moves into Manchester

Hudgell Solicitors’ chief executive Amanda Stevens has revealed plans to expand the firm’s work into the North West of England in 2019.

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LEAP Legal Software

LEAP Best Practice scheme celebrates a year on from launch

LEAP, the world’s leading legal software provider for small to mid-sized law firms, is celebrating the success of its Best Practice Standard (BPS) conveyancing accreditation scheme as it reaches its one-year milestone.

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Tikit announces Glanvilles Damant and Thackray Williams are the latest law firms to adopt P4W for practice and case management

Tikit, a global provider of technology solutions to legal firms, today announced that Glanvilles Damant and Thackray Williams are the latest firm to adopt their practice and case management solution; Partner for Windows.

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Walker Morris invests in Lexis Visualfiles to deliver efficiencies and create market differentiation

Top 100 UK multi-disciplinary law firm Walker Morris is investing in Lexis® Visualfiles™ to deliver the stringent technology, efficiency and risk management requirements of customers and effectively compete with other high calibre law firms in its market segment.

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DocsCorp builds momentum with 65% of the top 20 firms on the European 100 report using its software

DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today announced that it has 65% of the top 20 law firms on the European 100 report as clients.

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Certainty National Will Register

A Will made in the Silver Jubilee prevents intestacy

Every day Certainty Will Search prevents estates being distributed incorrectly because an unknown Will exists.

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Gary Yantin

SRA Handbook reforms – how compliant are you?

Over 200 law firm owners and compliance officers joined VinciWorks last week for a webinar discussing the recent and forthcoming regulatory changes introduced by the SRA.

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Transparency – it ain’t just about price

The SRA’s Transparency regulations came into force on 6th December with little fanfare and perhaps little in the way of compliance. According to Legal Futures, only 28% of the firms websites that they checked had complied with the price transparency rules.

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18 December 2018

Why we need robot rules

In 2016, an AI program called AlphaGo beat the world champion at the board game Go. At one point, AlphaGo made a decision which baffled everyone but turned out to be the winning move.

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