Acquira Professional Services

Acquira Professional Services


The opportunity has arisen to take a step back and assess the future of your law firm.

Without any distractions.

What may present as the right course of action now, from a strategic perspective, is perhaps something that had been on the backburner for a while.

Streamlining operations means enabling you and your team to focus on the areas that serve your clients for the best possible outcome; allowing the real talents of the firm to shine through and deliver in the right practice areas for your firm.

If you are considering either selling a practice area, or adding to your existing portfolio of services, we are here to offer you options to make it happen.

You may be asking: –

  • What is practice area X worth?
  • How do I find a buyer within a reasonable timeframe?
  • How can I make this happen?

Or alternatively: –

  • How much will I need to invest to diversify into a new area?
  • How do I identify a likely source?
  • How can I make this happen?

Acquira Professional Services Mergers & Acquisitions, Legal Brokers for Law Firms & Legal Tech Cos ( is a bespoke, niche, boutique, legal services business providing focused consultancy for the broking of practice areas.

This is our primary service.

We have helped SMEs, large corporate firms and legal tech companies.

In addition, if you are seeking to sell, or buy, a law firm we can open doors to new possibilities.

We have also helped personal injury firms with the broking of caseloads, with many success stories.

Our secondary service line is in providing bespoke headhunting for key hires in senior roles to expand your capability and reach.

We appreciate and respect that you have a vision for your firm. We are not here to be prescriptive and point the way.

We can however provide you with a choice of potential buyers/sellers of caseloads when the time is right.

A recent addition is in augmenting legal technical businesses by identifying bolt-on legal practice areas.

What we do not offer is textbook box-ticking. That would be an exercise in mediocrity!

Instead, we assess each situation objectively, ascertain valuations, and facilitate the opportunity for you to fulfil your aims.

This highly specialised service is led by Jeff Zindani. Jeff is a lawyer, he has worked for corporate law firms, ran a provincial law firm himself and is a published legal author, thought leader and speaker.

Feel free to reach out to him via call 0203 239 3192.


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