Simpson Millar buys PI practices and is on the hunt for more

National law firm Simpson Millar has demonstrated its confidence in the post-coronavirus future by buying its second personal injury book of business in the past few months and targeting more.

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Barrister suspended for headbutting female colleague

A senior barrister who headbutted a junior female member of chambers during a drunken row, leaving her on the ground with blood all over her face, has been suspended for three months.

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Coronavirus hits SRA’s plan to target AML laggards

The coronavirus crisis has hindered the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s efforts to pursue law firms that have ignored its efforts to check they are complying with its anti-money laundering rules.

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In-house lawyer facilitated sham £16m property schemes

A solicitor who acted as head of legal and a “puppet director” for a variety of companies involved in sham £16m property schemes has been struck off.

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Daughter in CoP case questions “second-rate” Skype justice

An academic who was present at the first Court of Protection hearing to be conducted over Skype last month has raised concerns over its impact on relatives and witnesses.

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Budget rejection lays bare Legal Ombudsman crisis

The Legal Ombudsman has hit crisis point again after it was forced to backtrack on its request for a 20% budget rise, with the Legal Services Board describing its performance as unacceptable.

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Negligent firm ordered to pay €3.5m to property investors

A defunct Italian law firm that operated in London has been ordered by the High Court to pay €3.5m to investors in a failed holiday development that allegedly had links to the Mafia.

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Privately educated lawyers dominate corporate work

The proportion of solicitors who attended state schools is creeping upwards, but those who went to fee-paying schools dominate corporate work, according to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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Firms launches ‘will through a window’ service

A law firm in Wiltshire is offering a ‘Wills through a window’ service as law firms look for ways to execute wills validly amidst a spike in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Conveyancing groups issue contract variation guidance

Organisations representing conveyancers have joined forces to issue guidance on handling matters during the coronavirus pandemic, including how to vary completion dates.

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3 April 2020

In challenging times, should you move to the cloud?

Having a cloud-based system can provide workers with incredible flexibility. However, there are many things that a firm should be aware of before making the transition to the cloud.

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