“Some lawyers have been suffering from GDPR fever”

Some lawyers have been suffering from “GDPR fever” over the past year and given bad advice based on limited knowledge or too cautious an approach, a leading data protection law specialist has warned.

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Susskind: Lawyers wrong to think technology cannot replace them

Lawyers are wrong to think that there are tasks beyond technology that only they can carry out, Professor Richard Susskind has warned. He urged lawyers to help build the machines, not compete with them.

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Some conveyancers “too close to developer clients”, MPs warn

Some conveyancing solicitors have become “too close to developers” and do not put their clients’ interests first, MPs claimed today. They suggested solicitors should part-fund compensation for mis-sold leases.

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Turnover and profits down at bullish NAHL

Revenue and profits were down last year at NAHL plc, the company behind National Accident Helpline and owner of three alternative business structures, its annual results showed today.

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Research presses case to offer legal advice alongside healthcare

Providing legal advice services in healthcare settings can both improve access to advice and support health services to manage non-clinical demand, but current provision in 380 centres is poorly funded.

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Let robots own property, Supreme Court justice suggests

Computers using artificial intelligence could be given separate legal personalities enabling them to own property as the law adapts to technology, a Supreme Court justice has suggested.

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Firm “fairly dismissed” solicitor in dispute over sitting as judge

A solicitor has failed in his claim for unfair dismissal after he refused to accede to his firm’s request to stop sitting as a deputy district judge because it needed him to focus on the practice.

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Barrister reprimanded and fined for “unwanted sexual conduct”

A senior male barrister found to have engaged in “unwanted sexual conduct” towards a woman has been reprimanded and fined £3,000 by a Bar disciplinary tribunal.

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Unregulated adviser held to same standard as qualified lawyer

A man who ran a ‘litigation firm’ and sold its expertise as coming from qualified legal advisers – even though it did not – has been held to the same standards as actual lawyers in a negligence claim.

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Call for legal AI to have “ethical black box” to explain decisions

AI should be developed in conjunction with a wide range of non-technical specialists, while an ‘ethical black box’ showing how a system made particular decisions may also be needed.

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22 March 2019

Using virtual data room technology in banking and finance

Virtual data rooms provide a secure collaboration and document sharing platform that consolidate documents into a centralised repository and facilitates their efficient management.

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