Consumer panel urges regulators to act on lawtech

Regulators need to monitor the development of legal technology and issue guidance to help maximise the opportunities it presents while delivering the necessary protection for consumers.

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Law firm “sacked staff member by WhatsApp”, tribunal finds

A law firm sacked its administrator by sending him a brief WhatsApp message – and then backdated his P45 to support an argument that he was actually fired earlier, an employment tribunal has found.

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Court modernisation “undermining access to justice”, lawyers tell MPs

Criminal and civil lawyers have separately spelt out to MPs on the justice select committee a catalogue of ways in which court modernisation is undermining access to justice.

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Knights shares on the rise as trading update signals strong growth

Shares in Knights rose yesterday on the back of a strong trading update, with their price now doubled since the national law firm floated last June. Revenue for the financial year is expected to be up 50%.

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Medical agencies need formal regulation, says MedCo

Evidence of misrepresentation, dishonesty and fraud by medical agencies supplying solicitors with expert reports means the government should consider formally regulating them, MedCo has argued.

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Green light for new regime on when to report rule breaches

New requirements for reporting rule breaches to the Solicitors Regulation Authority have been approved by the Legal Services Board. The changes include a new ‘early investigation’ rule.

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Warrant issued for barrister who harassed solicitor

A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of a barrister accused of harassing a solicitor who refused to represent her on a pro bono basis.

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“We do not dictate PI policy to ministers,” MIB boss insists

The head of the body building the new whiplash portal has insisted that the organisation “does not dictate policy to ministers”. He also revealed that the cost of setting up the portal would be £15m.

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Principles for lawyers dealing with offshore structures published

International standards for lawyers advising on offshore commercial structures have been put forward at the same time as parliamentarians called for stronger laws on foreign ownership of UK property.

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Deloitte seeks to leverage size advantage in tech race

Deloitte Legal in the UK is looking to ramp up its technology strategy as it bids to exploit its perceived advantage in providing multi-disciplinary services across the world.

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23 May 2019

Using AI to speed up conveyancing

The very best technology allows staff simply to get on with their job. It works away in the background and we don’t even notice it’s there.

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