£30k fine for solicitor who sought profit through overcharging

A solicitor who instituted a practice of “gross overcharging” in clinical negligence cases so as to maximise profits has been fined £30,000 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

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Third of Scottish solicitors “have faced threats or actual violence”

A third of Scottish solicitors have been victims of violence or threatening behaviour in connection with their work, according to an “alarmed” Law Society of Scotland.

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Trust in solicitors a key issue when consumers choose barristers

Consumers tend to shop around or use a public access barrister and ignore their solicitor’s recommendation only when trust had broken down, according to research.

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Pro bono charity to launch website providing initial advice

A charity supporting volunteer work by lawyers and law students is to launch a ‘virtual pro bono clinic’ via the internet, focusing on initial and one-off advice.

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Co-op: We’re now the UK’s largest probate provider

The Co-op has declared itself the largest provider of probate services in the UK as its financials continue to improve. Legal services turnover in the first half of 2018 was up 31% and profits quadrupled.

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Simpson Millar unveils £50m plan to become leading consumer legal brand

Simpson Millar has unveiled a five-year £50m growth strategy to become one of a handful of consumer legal brands, starting with the acquisition of Liverpool practice EAD Solicitors.

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Conveyancers liable for registration error despite mortgage fraud

There is “no public interest” in allowing a negligent conveyancer to avoid liability when they did not know that their client was actually engaged in mortgage fraud, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

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BSB: Telling would-be clients they can ask for a quote shows transparency

Making chambers’ websites tell clients that they may contact the set for a quote “demonstrates a commitment to transparency and facilitating ‘shopping around’”, the BSB has insisted.

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Standard of proof: Barristers warned against “defensive lawyering”

It would be “extremely disappointing” if barristers became more defensive in their behaviour once the standard of proof for disciplinary matters was lowered, the BSB has said.

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Hale to lead Supreme Court in solicitors’ negligence case

The president of the Supreme Court is to head the five-judge panel that will review what needs to be proved when a solicitor is sued for failing to advise a client of a potential claim.

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11 September 2018

Legal marketing lessons from Ed Sheeran

Anyone starting a new law firm or starting out on their legal career could take several lessons from Ed Sheeran’s approach to promoting himself.

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