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OCC AI Multi Claims Platforms

Strategically built AI platforms for UK Law firms.

What our bespoke “White Label” AI platforms offer:

  • End-to-end client capture & unique individual accounts.
  • Detect & validate each consumer claim straight into their accounts.
  • Generate & collate all documents. LOA T&C eSignatures KYI et al.
  • Process directly in “real-time” to over 114 UK providers.
  • 41 Products – 7 Minutes from consumer AI prompt to completed claim.
  • 41% client completion rate via AI iFrame product link plus much more.

How The AI Platform Works – Video Link.

Other data:

  • Covers specialist & complex financial claims
  • Personal Injury (Beta) Claims.
  • Insolvency – IVA/Trust Deed & Debt management.
  • Advocacy claims with Charities CAB & Comparison sites.

Packages Products & Costs – Video Link.

Anatomy of an AI claim platform:

  • Quantum of claim & budget to run claims.
  • Who is engaged in the claim. Legal foundation & basis of claim.
  • Claimant & defendant details.
  • Outline of recoverability.

Volume AI Claims Processing – Video Link.


About us:

You can find out more About Us and how we are blazing a trail in legal AI claims, as well as personal injury claims.

We are the UK’s most advanced AI Multi Claims Platform providers, with a Team of dedicated and experienced operators in the sector.

Operating out of Manchester & Edinburgh, we cover the whole of the UK.

We advise, solicitor firms, Charities, Financial Institutions and others in the sector on all matters relating to AI and the current developments in Agentic AI within the legal sector.

We rolled out our first AI B2C consumer Platform in 2022, followed by our B2B AI Platform early 2023.


Key Contacts:

Matt Barsauckas – CEO @ OCC – E: matt.b@occ-uk.com –LI: Contact.

Lucas – Software Deployment B2B AI Team – E: b2b@occ-uk.com

Jane – Development & Back Office Admin – E: admin@occ-uk.com


Our 2024 Brochure:

Our 2024 Brochure – Link.


Website Links:

Business B2B – www.occsoftware.com

New Accounts – B2B Trial – www.aiclaimdetector.com

B2B Agents AI Platform – Login.


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