CILEx Regulation Limited

CILEx Regulation Limited (CRL) regulates members of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), CILEx Practitioners and entities. It is the independent regulatory body set up by CILEx in accordance with the Legal Services Act 2007.

CRL oversees the education, qualification and continuing competence of those we regulate. We set the standards we expect of our regulated community, oversee compliance with those standards and take action where an individual or entity is found not to have complied with those standards.

Authorisation by CRL means that law firms now have a choice of regulator. You have the opportunity through your own business to deliver the following reserved and regulated legal services:

As a regulator of firms (which we call entities), we continue to maintain the strengths of specialism in particular areas of law that our members and clients value and we authorise entities according to the specialist areas of law they provide.

Regulation is for the benefit of the consumer. CRL acts in a manner that protects and promotes the public and consumer interests. We engage with consumers and seek their feedback on our regulatory standards and the conduct and services provided by those we regulate.

We respond to proposals to reform regulatory arrangements. Our approach in our responses is to ensure that the proposals take a proportionate and risk-based approach. We also participate and contribute to policy proposals relating to education schemes and consumer engagement.

CRL aims to protect the public interest and is committed to openness and accountability

For further information contact:

Telephone: +44 (0)1234 845770

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