Nexa Law

Founded in 2017, Nexa is an ABS legal services company authorised and regulated by the SRA.  We provide consultant lawyers with the ability to deliver their services on a flexible basis, whilst increasing their potential income.  Nexa provides lawyers with the platform to focus on doing what they do best – providing excellent legal services for their clients.  Unlike a traditional law firm, our model allows our lawyers to realise their desired earning potential as a consultant, whilst retaining the freedom to decide exactly how – and when – they want to work.

Since the beginning of 2022, the firm’s pool of consultant solicitors has seen a 50% net increase in numbers, to 150 today.  This has been backed by a similar increase in Nexa’s internal management and support employees, with this team now 15-strong.

Our operating margin has improved year on year and Nexa now has over 20 market-facing brand legal brands on the Nexa platform including Boldr, which provides legal advice to tech entities; Sherlock Legal, which specialises in private client work; and Goldstein Legal, a franchising boutique.  We have some exciting new brands set to join early in 2024, including a well-known Wills and Probate services firm, and a specialist commercial and residential conveyancing business.

Nexa prides itself in its inclusive and supportive culture, whilst also encouraging autonomy for those consultants who prefer to operate more independently. All our consultants have access to the firm’s in-house marketing team and the firm’s external PR support. First-class systems and access to the latest legal technology ensures that our consultants can work efficiently, and they are able to seek advice at any time from the management board. The firm also runs complementary training sessions, with appearances from industry leaders, to help lawyers develop their consultancy offering successfully. The varied breadth of legal experience across the Nexa consultant network also offers excellent collaboration and referral opportunities to offer clients excellent legal support. Freedom and flexibility are key to the legal service that Nexa provides to its clients.

All Nexa consultants (solicitors, barristers and CILEX lawyers) have a minimum of eight years of experience. Clients get to choose who they deal with, and unlike a traditional partnership law firm, clients can be confident that the person they instruct will be the person they will be working with, not an assistant. Consultants are not bound by the enforced fee scales and hourly rates found in most partnerships and Nexa encourages the use a fixed-fee model where possible.

Since Nexa does not require the overheads of a traditional law firm, clients receive excellent value for money and because each consultant effectively runs his or her own legal business, Nexa attracts solicitors with a commercial mindset. This ensures that a holistic approach is taken when providing legal advice which is hugely valued by our clients.

Nexa has exciting growth plans to the future, which will build on core values of offering the best-in-class support to our consultants in the ‘New Model Law’ space in every area.  We’ll be continuing to invest in the right technology to enhance our ‘build your own brand’ offering – essentially a ‘Powered by Nexa’ model for those smaller law firms that want to use our platform as a home for their business, taking the stress and investment burden away to allow lawyers to focus on what they do best.

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