Why Choose Legmark

In the legal sector you need a specialist marketing communications agency that understands your needs.

You’ll want to work with people who have spent years working in-house in law firms, so that they understand the nuances of marketing in this industry in a way others might not.

You’ll want a team who have been instrumental in award-winning legal marketing campaigns, introducing new areas of law into the UK and revolutionising law firms into industry-leading top performers.

We’ve also created and developed brands from the ground up into huge lead-generating businesses, and achieved front page tabloid coverage and mainstream broadcast exposure.

Whether you need marketing advice at boardroom level or support for an in-house team, we can help you develop bespoke marketing strategies and established stakeholder engagement.

If you know what you want to achieve with your marketing then great – get in touch to let us know and we can explore with you how we can help.

If you don’t know your CTR from your CPA then we’ve broken down our service without the digital marketing jargon:

  • Get More Website Visitors – We can audit your website performance and improve the visibility online.
  • Convert More Leads – We can improve conversion rates through the website and your sales teams.
  • Retain More Clients – We can enhance the customer journey and reduce the client attrition rates.

All our marketing and communications services sit under one of these key areas.  So you let us know what you want, and we’ll show you how to get it.

Some of our popular services:

Competitor benchmarking – see what your competitors are doing online and how you stack up.  Our suite of software can analyse your main competition from their social media to their website rankings and technical performance, so we can hone in on the areas most likely to get you ahead.

Content marketing – put your pen down and step away from the blog.  Let us handle your content marketing to achieve quality results that will improve your online visibility.  We’ll measure the success with key metrics such as traffic and links so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Social Media – Are you struggling to build an engaged community online?  With our support you can increase your visibility on social media through a combination of organic and paid activity.  We can monitor and track competitor profiles and reach out to their audiences.  We can utilise your social channels for fast and effective customer service.

Design – do you want a new brand or a refresh?  Our design team have worked for household name companies across a broad range of design projects. We can update your marketing materials or digital assets and website, or give you a completely new look.

Give Sam a call in our new business team on 0161 818 9330 to find out how we could help your business.

Website: http://legmark.com/

Email: hello@legmark.com

Call: 0161 818 8448

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