24 February 2020

Challenges facing general counsel in the 2020s

Business expectations of general counsel and in-house lawyers are changing rapidly – and are likely to evolve still further in the 2020s.

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19 February 2020

Technology and the law in 2020 – the impact of AI

Although AI is still in its relative infancy, it is already helping to change the way many industries operate and the legal sector is increasingly recognising its potential benefits.

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17 February 2020

Is the law still a man’s world?

The most recent figures show that women now make up a majority of practising solicitors, but I believe there is still a long way to go to establish the level of women in senior roles in law firms.

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12 February 2020

Cyber threats in 2020

One law firm we have worked with suffered from a cyber-attack which was so sophisticated that it not only managed to stop the firm accessing its live data but also its backup data.

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7 February 2020

What I learned from the MIB

Last week I attended the MIB’s whiplash reforms integration workshop in London. The MIB’s good design and user testing may not be enough to provide claimants with a viable solution.

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