12 October 2018

The pros and cons of publishing prices

Our view is that transparency will help our clients to win in competitive situations. Published pricing helps to qualify customers before you commit time and resources to consultations and a sales process.

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5 October 2018

Emailing conveyancing quotes: How to improve your results

Do you send out an email to people who have rung for a residential conveyancing quote? What proportion of them convert into business? There is a massive general problem, which is having a seriously detrimental effect on conversion rate results for many firms.

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1 October 2018

The ethics of lawtech

The ethical conundrums of lawtech are many, sprouting mostly from its complexity. One of the central tenants of justice has always been that the way in which it is arrived at must be transparent. This can be difficult with lawtech.

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26 September 2018

Why embracing technology is the key to longevity

Change is coming, in many ways. What firms should know is that the UK property industry is on the brink of a technological revolution. This is across all aspects of property, from online only estate agents, to how forms are completed, to virtual tours of properties.

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20 September 2018
Simon McCrum

Why don’t lawyers do what you ask them to do?

Having been team leader, department head, division head and managing partner, I understand well the frustration (and anger) that managing partners and CEOs voice to me: “We’ve asked them a dozen times, but still they aren’t doing what we need!”

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