MoneypennyTelephone Answering and Live Chat for Law Firms

Moneypenny provides a professional, 24-hour service that’s dedicated to handling calls and chats for the legal sector. Currently, we are looking after calls for over 950 law firms. We give your own Moneypenny Receptionist, who looks after calls and chats exactly as if based in your office. Clients feel they are speaking to another well-informed and exceptionally capable member of your in-house team.

  • Overflow support for busy periods
  • Fully outsourced switchboard
  • Business continuity 24/7
  • Extended virtual opening hours
  • Enhanced customer relationship

24/7 cover available 

Moneypenny guarantees that the level of quality offered by our award-winning Moneypenny Receptionists at 3am is the same as that offered at 3pm. Day or night, our high-quality service is seamless.

Trial our service

We offer a no obligation trial, so that you can see for yourself the effect we will have on your firm. With a full online audit trail of calls, messages and volumes, and detailed information which will help you make informed decisions, there’s nothing to lose. Talk to us today.

0333 202 1005

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