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More unregulated business granted SRA waivers for legal work

Three more unregulated businesses have been given the green light to offer unreserved legal services to the public through practising solicitors, in the new tranche of waivers issued by the regulator.

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NAH law firm “set to generate millions” in coming years

The wholly owned alternative business structure being launched next month by NAHL plc is likely take on around 30,000 claims a year by 2023 and generate about £25m in revenue, it has emerged.

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Sports law firm launches tech company accelerator

A leading sports law firm has launched an accelerator for high-growth technology companies that offers “a flexible approach to pricing to match the company’s growth curve”.

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Judges, not HMCTS, will have “final say” on video hearings

Judges are “embedded” in all the projects that make up the £1bn court modernisation programme and whether hearings are held by video or person will always be a matter of judicial discretion.

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No larger firm can ignore the demands of innovation – that was the clear message from our most recent roundtable: “The law firm of the future”, sponsored by LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. It comes in many forms, predominantly but not just technology, and is not simply a case of automating process. Expertise and process are not mutually exclusive.


22 March 2019

Using virtual data room technology in banking and finance

Virtual data rooms provide a secure collaboration and document sharing platform that consolidate documents into a centralised repository and facilitates their efficient management.

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