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Law firm’s pupillage offer to tetraplegic student “not a publicity stunt”

An employment tribunal has firmly rejected a tetraplegic law student’s claim that he was offered a pupillage by a well-known law firm so it could benefit from positive publicity.

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Civil Justice Council pushes ahead with guideline hourly rates changes

The Civil Justice Council working group charged with reviewing the guideline hourly rates has doubled down on its interim recommendations following consultation.

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BTAS rejects calls to soften sanctions for ‘low level’ sexual misconduct

The Bar Tribunals & Adjudication Service has rejected the argument that a starting point of 12 months’ suspension for sexual misconduct is too much for some less serious types of behaviour.

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Evaluation of flexible court hours stresses need to get lawyers onboard

Flexible operating hours can make it easier for people to access civil and family justice, but there needs to a lot more work to bring solicitors and barristers on board, research has said.

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Another nail in the coffin of solicitors’ undertakings?

Every solicitor knows that an undertaking is serious stuff. Arguably it is the greatest power available to a solicitor – a promise, if broken, that will lead to immediate and serious consequences for the giver.

Litigators reap the benefits of technology adoption

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged many litigators head-first into a new world of digital case management, and virtual and hybrid hearings.

Can data analytics unlock the potential for diversity in the law?

Data, equity and inclusion analytics can play a pivotal role in increasing diversity and inclusion efforts by enabling organisations to effectively identify gaps, prioritise action and measure progress.