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Leaseholders condemn solicitors’ services

A survey of home-buyers has issued a “resounding indictment” of the lack of information provided by their lawyers and rising concern about developers forcing them to use recommended solicitors.

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“Chaotic” solicitor struck off after 45 years in practice

An experienced solicitor has been struck off for a litany of failures which showed “chaos and disorganisation” in his practice and included dishonestly under-valuing estate assets by nearly £50,000.

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Labour pledges £74m for lawyers, law centres and legal aid

The Labour Party has pledged to spend £74m to provide free legal training for 200 community lawyers, establish more law centres, and reverse all the cuts to legal aid-funded Early Legal Help.

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SIF rule could be “catastrophic” for retired solicitors

Refusal by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund to accept notifications of potential claims could be “catastrophic” for retired solicitors, a specialist in professional regulation and insurance has warned.

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No larger firm can ignore the demands of innovation – that was the clear message from our most recent roundtable: “The law firm of the future”, sponsored by LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. It comes in many forms, predominantly but not just technology, and is not simply a case of automating process. Expertise and process are not mutually exclusive.


16 September 2019

The Amazon effect

I have to be honest and say it still amazes me how many lawyers we come into contact with, who are still behaving like dinosaurs when it comes to technology. It’s not about chronological age.

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