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Clifford Chance urges City firms to back anti-corruption pledge

Clifford Chance is to initiate discussions amongst the large London firms “to ratchet up what we can all do to counter corruption”, the firm’s general counsel has revealed.

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FCA tells insurers and banks to respect CMCs

Insurers and others dealing with CMCs must provide the same service that they would when dealing directly with the customer, the FCA has warned ahead of taking over CMC regulation.

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LeO to focus on improving quality – but delays remain

The Legal Ombudsman is to focus on improving the quality of its decision making as its caseload falls from 8,000 to a predicted 7,400 in 2019-20. But delays continue to dog the service.

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Conveyancer who overcharged for search fees is suspended

A conveyancing solicitor who worked on a commission basis has been suspended for two years after being found to have regularly overcharged clients for search fees.

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No larger firm can ignore the demands of innovation – that was the clear message from our most recent roundtable: “The law firm of the future”, sponsored by LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. It comes in many forms, predominantly but not just technology, and is not simply a case of automating process. Expertise and process are not mutually exclusive.


18 December 2018

Why we need robot rules

In 2016, an AI program called AlphaGo beat the world champion at the board game Go. At one point, AlphaGo made a decision which baffled everyone but turned out to be the winning move.

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