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Solicitor who changed dates of charges with Tipp-Ex struck off

A property lawyer who used Tipp-Ex to change the dates of charges he needed to register at Companies House has been struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

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Law firms “must showcase how they make the world better”

Law firms wanting to recruit the best young lawyers must showcase how they make “the world a better place”, a report on the post-pandemic legal services landscape has said.

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Appeal over failure to award indemnity costs against SRA

A solicitor who obtained a rare costs award against the SRA is to ask the High Court to rule that the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal was wrong to say it could not award them on the indemnity basis.

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Mergers increasingly based on net assets in absence of goodwill

Law firm mergers and acquisitions are increasingly based on net assets rather than a multiple of income or profits, as many do not have any inherent goodwill, an adviser has said.

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Success planning trumps succession planning

Delivering messages that impact work colleagues is probably the hardest thing law firm leaders have to do, especially to older generation lawyers approaching the end of their careers.

Why remote working has exacerbated cyber-security concerns

The ‘rule of six’ has been in place since 14 September, with fines levied for those who break it and now we are seeing even more drastic restrictions reimposed. So what does this mean for the UK’s cyber-security?