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Solicitor “led judge to believe” she was a barrister

An experienced solicitor-advocate has been struck off for misleading a judge that she was a barrister and then misleading the solicitors on the other side who questioned her behaviour.

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QC appointment reforms aim to help women apply

Changes to the QC appointment regime aimed to help women apply for silk are to be introduced for the 2019 round, the body in charge of the scheme has announced.

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Start-up aims to help NFP sector identify legal nature of problems

An AI-backed product that uses natural language processing to help not-for-profit agencies identify precisely the legal nature of a problem is set to launch next year.

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Solicitor fails in bid to set aside £700k HMRC statutory demand

A solicitor has failed in his effort to set aside a £717,000 statutory demand arising from a guarantee he gave over money his firm owed HM Revenue & Customs.

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No larger firm can ignore the demands of innovation – that was the clear message from our most recent roundtable: “The law firm of the future”, sponsored by LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. It comes in many forms, predominantly but not just technology, and is not simply a case of automating process. Expertise and process are not mutually exclusive.


14 December 2018

The Leigh Day Letters: Looking for the smoking gun

So what to make of the correspondence published yesterday by the Solicitors Regulation Authority about its dealings with the government over the Leigh Day case?

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