Legal News

Legal executive threatened witness in holiday sickness case

A chartered legal executive who made an “implied threat” of criminal proceedings in a bid to stop a witness testifying against her client has been banned from working for solicitors’ firms.

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Barrister suspended for “sexual” touching without consent

A barrister who touched two individuals sexually has been suspended from practice for three months by a Bar disciplinary tribunal.

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Lammy wades in over barrister’s “shameful” tweet

Shadow Lord Chancellor David Lammy yesterday condemned the barrister at the centre of a racism row over his comments about the Equality Act “empowering the stroppy teenager of colour”.

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Competition hots up to become standard software for in-house teams

A software platform aimed at bringing together the various apps used by corporate legal teams is launched today, while another product aimed at the same market has raised $14m.

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Everything has changed. Nothing has changed

For the majority of Black and ethnic minority citizens in this country, legal services are still as hard to reach, as hard to choose, or as hard to trust, as they were years ago.

Will this be the Year of Lawtech?

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that lawyers will not disappear any time soon. Still, paper will gradually disappear in favour of digital tools, investment in technology and better ways of working.