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High Court criticises SDT’s “lack of clarity” as it overturns strike-off

A High Court judge has criticised the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for “lack of clarity of thought” as it replaced a strike-off with a two-year suspension.

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Academics and Law Society clash over in-house accountabillity

Leading academics at University College London have clashed with the Law Society over a proposal to exclude heads of legal from the FCA’s new framework for individual accountability.

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Barristers told: Don’t be so negative with colleagues

Barristers have been urged to be less negative in their dealings with colleagues as they may be damaging the profession’s wellbeing – particular of junior counsel.

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Tribunal halves CMC’s £200k fine for calling people it shouldn’t

The First-tier Tribunal has halved at £198,000 fine imposed on a claims management company for calling people registered with the Telephone Preference Service.

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No larger firm can ignore the demands of innovation – that was the clear message from our most recent roundtable: “The law firm of the future”, sponsored by LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. It comes in many forms, predominantly but not just technology, and is not simply a case of automating process. Expertise and process are not mutually exclusive.


18 April 2019

Protectionism: Is it really all that bad?

So we are about to launch head first in to another great legal services experiment. Away with all those restrictive practices that successive governments consider so heinous. All hail innovation and market forces.

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