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Law firm awarded £25k damages for defamatory Trustpilot review

20 January 2021

The High Court has awarded a law firm damages of £25,000 for a defamatory review on Trustpilot posted by a disgruntled former client who paid £200 for advice.

Veteran solicitor practised without insurance

19 January 2021

A sole practitioner in his 70s has been struck off after practising for over six months without professional indemnity insurance, despite telling others he had cover.

Trainee specialist launches scholarships for Black graduates

19 January 2021

Trainee specialist Accutrainee has launched a scholarship programme for Black law graduates to help provide the work experience they need to become solicitors and pay for the SQE.

National Audit Office challenges basis of court reforms

18 January 2021

A top National Audit Office official has asked fundamental questions of the government’s court reform programme, even as the head of the courts service extolled its performance during the pandemic.

High Court rejects “unmeritorious claim” against barrister

15 January 2021

The High Court has rejected an “unmeritorious” negligence claim against a barrister brought by a former law lecturer acting as a litigant in person.

Pandemic “cut legal job vacancies by 60%”

15 January 2021

The average number of legal jobs posted every month in 2020 was 60% down on the previous year, while applications increased by 53% for each one, a recruitment website has reported.

Tribunal rejects law firm’s second challenge to age discrimination ruling

14 January 2021

An judge has refused a second application from a law firm to reconsider his decision to award a property solicitor damages of £13,200 for age discrimination when he applied for a job with it.

Law firm recoups 40% of negligence payout from barrister

13 January 2021

A law firm that settled a negligence claim is entitled to recoup some of what it paid from the counsel it instructed, even though proceedings against him were dropped, the High Court has ruled.

Tribunal finds law firm unfairly dismissed paralegal

11 January 2021

A law firm dismissed a paralegal because he was close to his supervisor, with whom it was in dispute, rather than due to the allegations levied against him, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Complaint over law firm’s radio advert rejected

6 January 2021

A Merseyside law firm has been cleared of breaking Advertising Standards Authority rules with a radio advert that highlighted the fear of “a social worker at your door to take your child”.

Distributed law firm launches internship programme for postgrads

6 January 2021

A distributed firm which trebled the number of its self-employed consultants last year has launched an internship programme for postgraduate commercial law students from a London university.

Solicitor “fobbed off” staff who wanted employment contracts

5 January 2021

A solicitor who “fobbed off” three members of staff who repeatedly requested employment contracts has been ordered to pay nearly £10,000 for constructive dismissal.

Teaching law firm “busier than ever” with pandemic caseload

21 December 2020

The head of the first ‘teaching law firm’, Nottingham Law School’s Legal Advice Centre, has said it is “busier than ever” helping clients, many of whose problems are related to the pandemic.

Law firm allowed to recoup recruitment costs from departing solicitor

18 December 2020

A law firm was entitled to exercise its contractual right to recoup from a solicitor the cost of recruiting her after she left within a year, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Pro bono opportunities now “mainstream” at law schools

17 December 2020

Pro bono work has become a “mainstream part of legal education” and a significant number of law schools plan to integrate it with the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, a major study has found.

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