Solicitors “need to get out more” to boost profession’s image

13 November 2019

Sixteen-year-olds have been invited to compete in a competition aimed at educating them about the work of a solicitor and testing their aptitude, with the winner receiving financial support to become one.

Approval of SQE not a foregone conclusion, LSB warns

12 November 2019

Approval of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam is not a foregone conclusion, the Legal Services Board is to make clear to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Issues such as quality and cost must be addressed.

Law degrees unnecessarily homogenous, research finds

11 November 2019

Law schools are not taking advantage of the “enormous regulatory freedom” they have and instead are largely all offering the same kind of law degree, new research has found.

Firm fights off age discrimination claim over birthday wishes

8 November 2019

A legal secretary who claimed she felt humiliated and insulted by a colleague commenting on her 50th birthday has lost her claim for harassment and age discrimination against the law firm.

Law firm EOT “gives staff security against sale”

5 November 2019

Transferring the ownership of law firms to employee ownership trusts (EOTs) boosts staff loyalty by giving them more security if the firm is sold, the chief executive of the latest firm to create an EOT has said.

Big firms talk up benefits of legal apprenticeships

4 November 2019

Apprenticeships offer significant benefits to both young people and their employers, allowing law firms to plan their staffing several years in advance, a conference heard last week.

Hallett urges profession to act on unconscious bias

28 October 2019

The profession needs to keep working to address unconscious bias, as “we have not yet reached the stage where a successful woman is accepted as the norm”, Dame Heather Hallett said last week.

Barrister fails in discrimination claims against chambers

25 October 2019

An employment tribunal has rejected all the claims of discrimination, victimisation and whistleblowing made by a barrister who also acted as the chambers manager.

The City lawyer who swapped bustle for muscle

24 October 2019

City clients will make allowances for a lawyer who has made personal health and taking steps to avoid burnout a top priority, a former corporate partner-turned-fitness entrepreneur has said.

In-house lawyer cannot rely on leaked email in claim

23 October 2019

A former senior in-house lawyer at Shell cannot rely on a leaked internal email or an overheard pub conversation in his discrimination claim against the company, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

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