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BathPublishingBath Publishing is a unique, innovative publisher of legal books, training, online resources and tools.

We have been publishing on our own and with partners since 2005, pioneering the integrated use of new and traditional formats to provide accessible resources for readers from both the public and the professions.

Our mantra is to ‘make law, make sense’ so whatever we publish is presented clearly, concisely and cost-effectively.

Our latest project showcases that mission perfectly. How to be an Ethical Solicitor (due May 2017) is a book, digital edition, online course and a training workshop. All of which gives trainee and qualified solicitors the chance to get to grips with an increasingly important part of the regulatory landscape in the way that best suits them.

You can read more about the book & related training here.

Take a look at our other online resources:

  • Employment Cases Update: the leading free to view, consolidated source of the latest employment cases, from all levels of court, with concise summaries plus, for paid subscribers, monthly online training courses. Free email alerts available as well.
  • Employment Claims Toolkit: the only fully featured tool to create, manage and adapt schedules of loss. Handles unfair/wrongful dismissal and discrimination, mitigation, grossing up, adjustments for contributory fault/Polkey etc and more with ease. Sign up for a free trial here.
  • The Competent Lawyer: our new free to use online training and competence record that makes the most of all your reading and training activities. Use for free to plan and record your own activity or upgrade for team-working and premium features.
  • Court of Protection Hub: free to view Court of Protection case alerts, legislation updates and policy news. Free email alerts available.

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