Crown prosecutor with PTSD was not discrimination victim

26 March 2020

An experienced Crown prosecutor who resigned after developing post-traumatic stress order from being threatened at a magistrates’ court was not discriminated against, a tribunal has ruled.

SRA relaxes assessment rules for students and trainees

25 March 2020

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has today outlined a significant relaxation of its rules for law students and trainees to allow more of their assessment to go online.

Home-working should not just be for fee-earners, says union

20 March 2020

A union for legal sector workers has urged fee-earners allowed to work from home “to show solidarity” with administrative staff at their firms who have not been.

“Outrage” as only partners are allowed to work from home

18 March 2020

A union representing legal workers has expressed “outrage” at the “classist allocation of risk” that is seeing law firm partners working from home while other staff are forced into the office.

SRA: “Solicitors conceal disability for fear of harming careers”

16 March 2020

Many disabled solicitors have downplayed the extent of their disability because they don’t trust law firms to treat them equally with their able colleagues, new research has revealed.

Barrister fails in race discrimination claim against chambers

9 March 2020

A barrister expelled from a leading London set after a complaint by its senior clerk has comprehensively lost a race discrimination claim in the employment tribunal.

Solicitor wife compensated on divorce for career loss

3 March 2020

A solicitor who sacrificed possible partnership at a magic circle law firm to have children has been awarded an extra £400,000 in her divorce settlement with an equity partner at the same firm.

Female lawyers project looks to accelerate progress

3 March 2020

The team behind the First 100 Years has launched its latest project, The Next 100 Years, dedicated to achieving equality for women in law over the next decade.

Small firms “unable to pay for the best lawyers”

18 February 2020

Smaller law firms are unable to pay the high salaries that top candidates for jobs are demanding and this is putting them under economic pressure, a survey of 4,000 practices has concluded.

Sexist comments “remain rife” in legal profession

17 February 2020

Some 58% of women in the legal profession say they or women they work with have received inappropriate comments from male colleagues relating to their gender, new research has found.

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