Tikit Legal Office – what is it and why?

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28 February 2011

This week’s Legal IT show sees Legal Futures Associate Tikit deepen its commitment to the legal software sector with the launch of the Tikit Legal Office platform. But what is it, where does it fit within the market and why should anyone be interested in it? The company explains:

The UK legal technology market has traditionally been split between law firms – typically small-to-mid-size firms – running integrated systems and larger firms running best-of-breed solutions. Conventionally there were two reasons for this: smaller firms did not need the functionality and sophistication of best-of-breed, while even if they did, they lacked the IT resources and budgets to successfully implement and deploy multiple best-of-breed applications. However, the market is rapidly changing and, with the advent of the Legal Services Act, there are now a growing number of mid-tier law firms looking for technology solutions that can offer more than the traditional systems can offer. And this is where Tikit Legal Office enters the picture.

Tikit Legal Office is effectively an integrated best-of-breed solution that brings together a portfolio of market-leading, tried-and-tested (so there are going to be no reliability or performance issues) legal software applications in a pre-bundled and ready-to-roll-out format that is both easy to implement and allows law firm to manage and control their IT costs. The solution also overcomes the issues faced with implementing upgrades and new releases as Tikit takes care of it all through its controlled desktop environment.

The core of Tikit Legal Office is the TikitTFB Partner for Windows software, which is already being used as an accounts, practice, case and matter management system and client/matter database by over 600 law firms. In addition, users of the Tikit Legal Office also get the CRM (client relationship management) functionality of the Tikit eMarketing Suite, the advanced time recording of the Tikit Carpe Diem system, template management and document assembly with the Tikit TMS system, the matter and file management functionality of the Tikit FileNote system, and an enterprise-grade document management system in Autonomy iManage. In fact, everything that the largest law firms look for in best-of-breed technology with the advantage that Tikit have already handled all the integration, virtualisation and centralisation to create a Cloud solution firms can start using immediately – all they have to do is set up a URL on a web browser.

David Lumsden, CEO Tikit Group, says: “We are delighted to be able to provide our clients and prospective clients with a world-class integrated solution which brings together some of the best products in the world with all the integration and best practice knowledge gained from working with over 1,300 professional services organisations worldwide.”

No implementation and deployment issues. No stretching of budgets and in-house IT resources. And no uncertainties over pricing – just the business development, information management and productivity tools modern law firms need if they are to compete in today’s increasingly tough marketplace.

So what sort of law firms is this system likely to appeal to? Firms that have outgrown the offerings of traditional smaller system vendors but who need the functionality of the type of solutions going into the largest law firms. Furthermore, because the Tikit Legal Office operates in the Cloud i,t can be managed remotely, thereby saving many operational costs. The system can be managed by the firms’ in-house IT resources or by Tikit using our 24*7 support offering.

With many of the older legal systems on the market now failing to keep pace with the needs and demands of their law firm users, due to the high level of upfront supplier investment required, the Tikit Legal Office solution enables firms to get up to date with the latest technologies (including Microsoft) without apportioning significant working capital because of its subscription approach.

For firms with technology that is feeling its age, or who are looking to reduce or manage its IT operation more cost effectively, TLO provides a unique solution.

TikitTFB will be on stand 14 at the Legal IT Show in Islington on 1 and 2 March. On stand representatives will be available to discuss TLO in more depth as well as show the solution live.

And yes, the Tikit Legal Office will also run on an Apple iPad!

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