Your business can WFH, but how do you cope without staff?

28 April 2020

Despite decades of multi-million pound investments in technology, have actual case loads/productivity improved at the same rate as the system complexity or spend? Covid-19 allows us to think differently.

Law firms must adapt to survive lockdown

23 April 2020

What are the dynamics now at play in the legal sector and how must law firms adapt in order to survive the lockdown and prepare themselves to thrive again as the economic storm clouds start to lift?

Life after lockdown: how will the law change post-pandemic?

20 April 2020

If 2019 was the year that legal tech boomed on the investment side, we predict that 2020 will be the year this tech is adopted en masse by lawyers themselves.

Will Covid-19 be a wake-up call for the profession?

16 April 2020

I’m sure the past four weeks in particular have been the most difficult faced by most businesses – no matter how big or small, no matter what line of work.

Online trends in week 3 of lockdown

14 April 2020

The good news for the legal community is that, whilst overall online traffic remains comparatively low, we are seeing certain areas of strong performance.

Protecting clients from home

9 April 2020

Working from home is a new challenge for many, but as long as reasonable steps are taken to ensure clients are protected and standards of compliance are met, it does not need to be daunting.

Remote working during coronavirus

7 April 2020

Coronavirus is having a profound effect upon many facets of society and everyday life, not least in terms of how people work now that most office-based employees are working from home.

In challenging times, should you move to the cloud?

3 April 2020

Having a cloud-based system can provide workers with incredible flexibility. However, there are many things that a firm should be aware of before making the transition to the cloud.

How two firms use technology to minimise human error

31 March 2020

Human error is a leading cause of reported data breaches in the legal industry, and mistakes like sending an email to the wrong person can have serious consequences under data privacy laws.

Covid-19 and your law firm’s continued success

27 March 2020

In light of the evolving coronavirus situation, it’s important that you take appropriate steps to reassure your clients that it’s business as usual wherever possible.

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Planning for retirement
8 July 2020

In 2006 I started thinking about retirement whilst founding a boutique practice specialising in partnership and employment law. Ten years later, a friend told me that I would never be able to retire.

Time for a new regulatory settlement
3 July 2020

The problem with reform based on a compromise with vested interests is that it ends up being more pig’s ear than silk purse and the Legal Services Act 2007 is no exception.


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Our latest special report, produced in association with Temple Legal Protection, looks at the role of after-the-event (ATE) insurance in commercial litigation post-LASPO. We are at a time when insurers, solicitors, clients and litigation funders work ever more closely to create funding packages that work for all of them, with conditional fee and even damages-based agreements now part of many law firms’ armoury.

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