Key considerations when switching case management systems

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Competition among medium-sized UK law firms is fierce, with over 70%* expressing concerns about local rivals competing for their business. In this highly competitive landscape, evolution isn’t just an option—it’s a must. Whether it’s boosting productivity, ensuring compliance, or enhancing client experiences, the decision to adopt a new case management system signifies a pivotal moment for any law firm. But what happens before and after the switch? Let’s explore the details of this transition and discover essential factors to weigh when navigating this pivotal decision.

*LPM Frontiers Report 2024


Before the Switch

Before diving headfirst into the world of new software, it’s essential to lay the groundwork for a seamless transition. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Data Cleanup: Picture this: you’re moving into a new house. Before unpacking, you’d want to declutter and organise, right? The same goes for data migration. Over time, databases collect duplicate contacts, misspellings, and inaccuracies. These can wreak havoc when integrated into a new system. Cleaning up your existing data ensures a smoother transition and prevents data-related headaches down the line.

Process Evaluation: Think of your firm’s internal processes as a well-oiled machine. Every firm develops its unique set of internal processes and workflows to maximise the efficiency of existing software. When introducing a new system, it’s like adding a new gear to that machine. Ensuring that these gears mesh smoothly requires evaluating and, if necessary, adjusting your internal processes beforehand.

Template Review: Templates are the scaffolding of your system. But here’s the twist: some of that scaffolding is unnecessary, like extra beams that just get in the way. Case management systems often come with a plethora of templates, many of which may be outdated or unused. Streamlining these templates not only declutters the system but also facilitates staff buy-in by presenting a more user-friendly interface from the outset.

Nominal Structure Analysis: Let’s talk finances. While not always top of mind, the nominal structure plays a crucial role in financial management within a legal practice. Before making the switch, take a deep dive into your current nominal structure. This evaluation provides an opportunity to optimise and set the stage for clearer financial management within your new case management system.

After the Switch

Congratulations! You’ve made the leap to a new case management system. But we know the journey doesn’t end there; in fact, it’s just the beginning. Here’s what to expect post-switch:

Investment in Training and Adoption: Just like learning to ride a bike, mastering a new system takes time and practice. Investing in comprehensive training programs helps mitigate resistance to change and ensures that all team members are proficient in using the new system.

Continuous Improvement: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a perfect system. Regular assessments and feedback loops allow firms to identify areas for improvement and optimise system usage further so you can get the most out of the technology.

Flexibility and Scalability: A robust case management system should be flexible and scalable to accommodate future growth and changes within your legal practice. Regular reviews of system capabilities and alignment with business goals enable firms to adapt their case management system.

How does Access Legal support law firms switching case management systems?

Implementing a new case management system involves more than just selecting the right software—it requires a well-orchestrated journey of adoption and optimisation. Let’s delve into the various ways we (Access Legal) can help firms maximise the value of their investment.

FlightPaths and Onboarding: We offer predefined “FlightPaths” tailored to your needs, guiding you through the implementation process from start to finish. Once onboarded, our team oversee the implementation process, ensuring seamless data migration and validation checks.

Professional Services Team: Our professional services team plays a pivotal role in configuring the software to match the firm’s unique requirements. From setting up bespoke workflows to providing ongoing training, these consultants ensure that the software aligns seamlessly with the firm’s operations.

Support and Customer Success: Our support team addresses technical issues promptly, offering self-serve resources and personalised assistance through support plans. On the other hand, customer success managers focus on long-term adoption and ROI, guiding firms towards maximising the software’s potential.

FlexPoints: FlexPoints serve as your currency for customisation and flexibility. Whether it’s configuring workflows or accessing training sessions, Flex Points empower you to tailor your journey according to your unique needs and budgetary constraints.

Nurturing Continuous Growth: We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration and ongoing dialogue. From informative product roadmap webinars to interactive customer community forums, we offer various platforms for you to connect, share insights, and voice your opinions.

Key Takeaways for Success

As you consider switching case management systems, remember:

Preparation is key

Understand that a smooth transition requires diligent groundwork. Approach the partnership with your provider as just that—a partnership. The more collaborative effort you invest, the better the outcome will be.

Embrace change and invest in training

Invest time in thorough testing and user training to ensure everyone is proficient in utilising the system effectively. Remember, it’s not just about using the system but also about aligning it with your desired outcomes and processes.

Leverage support and resources

Take advantage of training opportunities, support channels, and community forums to enhance your understanding and utilisation of the system. Access Legal offers a robust support team, customer success resources, and consultants ready to assist you at every step.

Is now the time to make the switch?

Download our comprehensive guide to switching case management to find out.


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