Is your private client software solution fit for purpose?

By Legal Futures Associate LEAP Legal Software

Over the past 20 years technology has changed the way in which legal professionals practise law. How much it has changed the profession varies from one area of law to another. One area of law that has been largely overlooked until now is private client work.

There have been many reasons for this, including a shift in client expectations fuelled by an ever-diverse client base with increasingly complex requirements. This has resulted in a necessity for lawyers practising private client law to re-think their approach and take a good look at their software solution.

If we take residential conveyancing for instance, the change brought about by software has been vast. We have shifted from word processors to fully automated end-to-end case management software with instant updates and 24/7 access as a standard part of your service and of your clients’ expectations. The Legal Aid Agency has mandated the use of electronic time recording and online submissions for many years, and courts expect claimants and defendants to submit bundles electronically in the majority of contentious matters.

All these developments have required law firms to change their approach to practising law and the software they use for running their business. All these changes, and we have not even touched on email, video conferencing or social media, all of which are now an increasingly fundamental part of the services law firms provide, and integral to how they communicate internally and externally.

Whilst practising private client law day-in-day-out there may have been the odd pang of jealousy when you hear that your conveyancing team has a new app or that your litigation team can put a court bundle together in minutes not days. You however will have continued to work through your matters fastidiously, largely following the same processes you always have done.

There are certain features that reputable practice management and case management suppliers should provide. There are also features which you may already have, but may not have considered how they can be used to improve the service you provide through your private client department.

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