InfoTrack harnesses Amazon technology and ChatGPT to submit AP1s faster and reduce requisitions

In their quest to improve the post completion process for conveyancers, legal technology provider InfoTrack is harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ChatGPT to speed up AP1 submissions and ensure even greater accuracy.

InfoTrack’s clients already enjoy requisition rates 30% lower than average thanks to a number of built-in data validations that prevent errors on digital AP1 forms. Deeper analysis of their clients’ and HM Land Registry data show a significant number of requisitions stemming from mismatches between TR1s, TP1s, Charges and the AP1 being submitted. Such mismatches lead to requisitions which inevitably means delays in updating the register.

To address this InfoTrack are using the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology from Amazon Web Services to read these documents when they are uploaded. Then the legal technology platform takes the data that’s extracted, which includes Applicants, Proprietors, Personal Representatives, and Mortgage Details, and uses ChatGPT’s software to automate the population of the AP1 and validate it in InfoTrack’s system. Any discrepancies are highlighted to the conveyancer enabling them to accept or amend the suggestions.

The result of bringing together the technologies of InfoTrack, AWS and ChatGPT are two-fold. Firstly, AP1s can be populated instantly with data from the Transfer at the click of a mouse; secondly, thousands of requisitions can be avoided thanks to the way possible errors are highlighted.

Louise Edwardes, Head of Product at InfoTrack says:

“We’re thrilled at what this means for conveyancers. The ability to generate an AP1 instantly from the Transfer and Charge, and then cross reference it with the data in our system, including our detailed validations that are proven to prevent requisitions, is really exciting. Working with Amazon technology and ChatGPT has been amazing and it’s great to see them being used to help conveyancers do high quality work faster.

InfoTrack’s latest AP1 innovation is available to all users of their platform. Law firms not already using it can enquire about the service via the website.


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