Achieving time capture efficiency with Carpe Diem

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About Meunier Carlin & Curfman LLC

This firm is one of the large IP boutiques in the southern United States. They serve a wide range of clients, from emerging companies to non-profits, universities, research facilities, and established institutions. With their flexible approach, they rival even the largest law firms by offering the highest levels of legal expertise.

Meunier Carlin & Curfman were encountering issues with time capture performance. Their previous system was slow, didn’t offer ease-of-use, and mobility functions were unreliable. They decided they needed a new time recording system, and they chose Carpe Diem.

Their Advanced experience

During their product evaluation phase, it became clear that Carpe Diem would deliver added value to the firm, and at a lower price point than competitive systems. Jon Wyche, IT Director with the firm, explained the process:

Due to the importance of time keeping as a client facing tool that is used by all our lawyers daily, we put together a steering group who reviewed the features, functionality, and longer-term business value of Carpe Diem.

We followed this with additional user acceptance testing with a pilot group. The results were very successful, and Carpe Diem was rolled out across the entire firm without any performance or user training issues. Overall, the time window from purchase to roll-out spanned two months. Since then, we’ve been running on all time-keeping cylinders.

Jon also spoke about the powerful flexibility that Carpe Diem has offered to the firm:

Carpe Diem’s ease-of-use really resonated with us. It’s provided us with a very intuitive user interface, with the integrated timers that our lawyers were already familiar with. The TimeFinder function, that fills in daily time gaps, was also crucial to them because it makes finding missed time so much easier and faster.

Carpe Diem provided our users with the ability to easily enter time on desktops, or on their phone when they’re working remotely. Now, quick lookups, changing fields or labels, and moving between devices, is all easy. It’s a high-efficiency hybrid model that provides our lawyers with everything they need for smooth time recording


“Carpe Diem allows us to capture more billable hours, increase the speed of time capture, and provide timely, and accurate, invoices to our clients.” – Jon Wyche, IT Director, Meunier Carlin & Curfman


Why Carpe Diem?

Our lawyers love the ease-of-use, how quickly they can enter time, and the flexibility offered by the desktop and mobile applications. Our professionals now have access to a true, end-to-end timekeeping platform that provides instantaneous, and passive time capture, along with full mobile functionality. With an interface this is consistent across all devices, Carpe Diem delivers a very smooth user experience.

On a more strategic level, we are now using Carpe Diem’s metrics to gauge timekeeping performance, and the velocity of billing, so we can achieve improvements in billing hygiene.

How did users adapt?

By supporting the role out with a very well planned and executed training program, based on the Advanced ‘train the trainer’ model, we’ve achieved an outstanding 100% adoption rate.


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