InfoTrack: eCOS – Digital Verification of Identity

30th January 2023 at 11:00 am - Online

Ensuring your clients are who they say they are is a critical first step in client onboarding and one which, in the past, was laborious for conveyancers and clients.

With eCOS, there’s no longer any need for clients to provide their identity in-person or hard copies of documents to prove their identity, and there’s no need to download and access separate applications to verify identity or source of funds.

Join us on Monday 30th, January as we explore how eCOS from InfoTrack delivers:

  • Time savings through integrations with 13 trusted datasets
  • Automated document authentication of passport/driving licence/ID card
  • AI-powered Liveness check to confirm the person presenting the ID document owns it
  • Two electronic address checks to confirm the person presenting the ID is the property owner
  • Additional alerts and warnings (PEPs and sanctions checks)


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