QualitySolicitors Keith Park implements Peppermint Portal

Long-standing St Helens legal practice Quality Solicitors Keith Park has selected the Peppermint Portal to facilitate an improved service to its clients and referrer network.

The Portal will sit alongside its incumbent IRIS Videss practice and case management system.

QualitySolicitors Keith Park offers a range of legal services and, in light of the impact of the Legal Services Act, joined the QualitySolicitors group in 2010. This move elevated the firm’s brand and status in line with a national supply network.

Having secured a stronger market position, QSKP needed to enhance and streamline service delivery operations to meet the demanding requirements of its clients and third-party partners whilst keeping costs competitively low. It turned to Peppermint for a solution.

Implementing the Peppermint Portal allows QSKP to:

  • Extend services so clients can provide and consume matter-related information online, at their own convenience. This includes questionnaire completion, matter documents and case progression milestones. Providing appropriate services online gives clients 24/7 facilities, alleviates latency and reduces inbound calls to the practice.
  • Actively market and promote legal services to an extensive database of contact, clients and businesses. The Portal’s user definable interface and self-assessment capabilities will help deliver validated and qualified new business leads to the firm.
  • Make key performance indicators more transparent to fee-earners and partners using the Portal’s internal dashboards. Surfacing live data in easy to read, definable web dashboards ensures that key information is at heart of the firm’s day-to-day activities, allowing swift and effective management.

Nick Hall, QSKP’s managing partner, said: “We intend to face the challenges that the post Legal Services Act environment presents head-on with a strategy to put the firm in the best possible position to succeed. Improving our market position and the effective use of technology is vital to that strategy.

“The Peppermint Portal provides us with a low-cost solution that greatly enhances the service we provide. It allows us to effectively manage our valuable network of third-party partners, and improves day-to-day management decisions by presenting the up-to-the-minute key statistics, which was previously not possible.

“Most of all it gives our clients access to case information that has previously only been accessible by traditional means. That facility will also raise awareness about the variety of other services the firm provides and the seamless manner by which those services can be delivered.”

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