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10 November 2011

Surrey and London law firm Hart Brown is once again at the forefront of using innovative technology to raise the benchmark of client service in the UK legal market. Hart Brown is the latest high-performing firm to join the Peppermint Technology Partner Programme. In working with Peppermint, a Legal Futures Associate, it is helping shape the future of the UK’s next generation legal service platform.

Hart Brown offers a full range of highly personalised legal and financial services to the business community and individuals. Its brand is renowned for high-quality service, established through recommendation and repeat delivery of exceptional service. The firm is now working with legal technology innovator Peppermint Technology to deliver a complete business platform that turns every person and process in the firm into a pro-active client service agent.

Peppermint Legal Service Platform is a new generation end-to-end business platform for legal providers built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The platform brings together, in one system, all the applications and data a legal provider requires to operate their business and uniquely places the client record at the centre.

This enables the firm to deliver a highly personalised, instant and consistent experience for clients across all channels, anytime and anywhere. By embracing the technology the client experience is transformed into an ‘Amazon-like’ service, offering proactive and predictive services.

Commenting on why Hart Brown joined the Peppermint Partner Programme, managing partner Bettina Brueggemann said: “Good customer relationship management doesn’t happen as a result of buying a CRM system – a common misconception. It has to be woven into every person, process and tool in the business. We share Peppermint’s vision that the only way this can be achieved is by having one system, and one source of data.

“By using one integrated platform across all departments, the client is at the centre of every process, every task and every person in Hart Brown. While traditional case and practice management systems have served their time, we are now embracing this new technology which will equip us to compete and lead, in the brave new world of legal services while always focusing on our clients and continuing to deliver our high-quality service.”

While a standalone CRM system would have allowed Hart Brown to make some improvement, it only goes part of the way. In working with Peppermint, and its Legal Service Platform, Hart Brown puts clients, staff and business partners in the driving seat of defining the services they want, when they want them and how they want them delivered. Recently published research What clients really want from a legal service provider confirmed this approach will characterise successful firms of the future.

Arlene Adams, Peppermint CEO, added: “Hart Brown was at the forefront of case and practice management systems in the early days and once again is looking to lead the way. Post the Legal Services Act, the survival and success of firms will be largely determined by their ability to deliver a great customer experience at the right price point. As in other deregulated industries, those who embrace technology to achieve this will flourish and grow, while others fail. We are delighted to welcome Hart Brown to the Partner Programme and to be working with them to build a model firm of the future.”

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