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Legal executives “less likely to want to become solicitors”, research finds

Legal executives are increasingly less likely to want to train as solicitors, switching to a trainee contract after having been a paralegal can involve a decrease in contact with clients, a major survey has found. The research said workplace experience helps to develop the competences needed to be a solicitor.

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Car crash not to blame for lack of training contract, judge tells litigant-in-person

A judge has told a litigant-in-person that a road traffic accident she was involved in was not to blame for her failure to secure a training contract. Judge Walden-Smith said the “sad fact” was that many “competent individuals” failed to obtain a contract.

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SRA apologies for training contract numbers “confusion”

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has apologised for releasing information that made it appear as if there had been a massive rise in training places last year – when in fact the number has stayed static.

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Law Society to SRA: do not abandon training contract

The Law Society has called on the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) not to abandon the training contract, which it is said was viewed by other jurisdictions as the “gold standard”.

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SRA pushes ahead with deregulation of training

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is pushing ahead with its plans to deregulate the training of solicitors, despite objections from their professional body. They include scrapping the prescribed form of the training contract.

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Latest SRA move to slash red tape could boost number of training contracts

Much of the red tape around the training of solicitors would be swept away if proposals before the Solicitors Regulation Authority are adopted, including abandoning a ceiling on the number of trainees firms are allowed to take on.

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Review sets out “radical” options for reform of legal education and training

More common training of would-be lawyers, sector-wide CPD, and scrapping the training contract and pupillage, are among the “more radical” options being considered by the Legal Education and Training Review, according to its first discussion paper, issued yesterday.

March 13th, 2012 | No Comments »

Bigger than ABSs?

While alternative business structures are gaining all the headlines right now, something perhaps even more fundamental is going on this year: the Legal Education and Training Review. Many know it’s happening, but I suspect few quite understand how radically it could reshape the foundation of becoming a lawyer. I don’t think I did until last week, when I attended the first of a series of five seminars being run by the Legal Services Board, this one in association with the Legal Services Institute.

March 5th, 2012 | Comments Off on Bigger than ABSs?

Founder of novel trainee secondment business defends model from critics

The lawyer behind a new outsourcing venture that recruits trainee solicitors and then seconds them to law firms and in-house legal departments to do their training contracts has been defending the model from a volley of instant criticism.

September 20th, 2011 | 2 Comments »