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  • Redbrick Solutions and Perfect Portal helping conveyancers win more work

    Redbrick Solutions and Perfect Portal have today announced a new integration to help clients convert more leads whilst offering an enhanced consumer experience.

    Wednesday, 21 April 2021
  • Enquiry handling in lockdown and beyond

    Remote working, home schooling, furloughed staff and Local Authority delays are just a few challenges faced by conveyancers during the past year.  This is set against a backdrop of growing caseloads with HMRC figures showing a rise of 24% in property transactions compared with December 2019.

    Tuesday, 30 March 2021
  • Local Authorities, Land Registry Integrations and Regulated Searches

    Local Authority Searches are no new thing for Conveyancers and those in the process of buying land or property, but they have changed so much over the years and have the potential to change even further over the next 5-10 years.

    Monday, 22 March 2021
  • Why are Easements important?

    Easements exist in the majority of freehold titles and so they are important to conveyancers and buyers alike.  Easements are certain rights that a person has over another’s land. Rights range from very widespread forms of rights of way, most rights to use service conduits such as telecommunications cables, power supply lines, supply pipes and drains, rights to use communal gardens and rights of light, to more strained and novel forms. All types are subject to general rules and constraints.

    Monday, 8 March 2021
  • What should conveyancers expect in 2021?

    The past 12 months have seen massive changes in ways of working for all of us, not least in the conveyancing market. The Solicitors Regulation Authority chair Anna Bradley, speaking at the SRA compliance conference in November 2020 commented on this: ‘People think of the legal sector as stuffy and old-fashioned and slow when actually, the sector and all the attendant bodies like ourselves have responded fast and shown themselves to be flexible – we should all be proud of that. ‘I think we need to stay that way.

    Tuesday, 2 March 2021
  • Contaminated Land : How to protect your clients

    At its worst, contaminated land may present a hazard to potential users of the land or environment. Although in most cases the risks associated with living on sites that have been previously used by industry are low.  Users may become exposed to contaminants such as by inhalation of hazardous materials and also through food grown on the land. There may be indirect effects on users such as damage to buildings. Substances can leach out of the soil to pollute groundwater, rivers or ponds. Some contaminants may be corrosive, and some can cause explosion or fire.

    Monday, 22 February 2021
  • What you need to know about the new Insurance Distribution Directive

    There is an ever-increasing need for insurance products in conveyancing and this need should be considered as managing risk and not just as selling products. Search and indemnity insurance is bought by conveyancers on behalf of their clients and with the new Insurance Distribution Directive (EU legislation that sets regulatory requirements for firms designing and selling insurance products) it is important that conveyancers are confident that the policy they are purchasing is the best available.

    Friday, 12 February 2021
  • How to grow your new build conveyancing portfolio

    Recent government figures have shown an increase in the number of new build homes being built in England. Robert Jenrick, Housing Secretary said: “The figures show that the number of new homes developers have started building have more than doubled compared to the previous quarter and the number of completed homes has almost tripled. This reflects the government’s commitment throughout the pandemic to support industry to enable construction sites to remain open and operate safely.

    Tuesday, 2 February 2021
  • Search insurance – Cover, Claims and Common Misconceptions

    It is estimated that 1 in 3 property transactions require some form of search or indemnity insurance and yet it is often seen as an ‘add on’ to the conveyancing process. Because of the increasing need for insurance, it should be considered as managing risk not just as selling insurance products.

    Tuesday, 26 January 2021
  • Speeding up the conveyancing process

    The world of conveyancing has changed dramatically in the last 12 months.  The March 2020 lockdown created pent-up demand which was then amplified by the SDLT holiday, combine that demand with new ways of working and the result is the most challenging period most in the conveyancing profession can remember. 

    Monday, 18 January 2021


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Anything else to say about SDLT?

SDLT is not stamp duty. This is something I have to say to firms too often. Whilst it has some of the same words in its name, it is not the former tax on property deeds that existed pre-December 2003.


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Our latest special report, produced in association with Temple Legal Protection, looks at the role of after-the-event (ATE) insurance in commercial litigation post-LASPO.