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Spending on Online Court “should be halted”, says leading academic

No further public money should be spent on the Online Court until the performance of the newly-expanded online tribunal in British Columbia – which went live for small claims last month – has been assessed, according to veteran justice campaigner Professor Roger Smith.

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Online courts hackathon won by Colin – a talking digital assistant for litigants

Some 220 lawyers and technologists battled each other at a 24-hour hackathon over the weekend, overseen by the likes of the Lord Chief Justice and Professor Richard Susskind, to devise useful software tools that could support the forthcoming online courts. The winner used voice interaction and an online help assistant to assist litigants.

July 4th, 2017 | 1 Comment »

Plan for 28-month Online Court pilot emerges as MR foresees live-streaming Court of Appeal

A 28-month pilot of the Online Court is to start next month, with HM Courts and Tribunal Service providing face-to-face assistance to the half of people signed up to it who are expected to need help with filling in forms. Meanwhile, the Master of the Rolls has suggested that physical hearings may become capable of live streaming, particularly in the Court of Appeal.

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Judiciary joins forces with techies to run online court hackathon

Two leading lawtech organisations have linked with the judiciary to stage a hackathon which will develop tools aimed at assisting the online court, it has emerged. The Society for Computers and Law, London lawtech community Legal Geek, and the Judiciary of England and Wales, will jointly host the event on 1-2 July.

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Model for online court “will begin to hear small claims from 1 June”

The pioneering digital tribunal thought to be the model for England and Wales’s online court will begin resolving small claims disputes worth under about £3,000 on 1 June, it has emerged. British Columbia’s civil resolution tribunal claims to be “the first online tribunal in the world that is integrated into the public justice system”.

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Online court “visible by September and no big bang”, top judge reveals

The first signs of an online court will be visible in tribunals by September, online processes will be extended to a wide range of civil court proceedings by May 2020, and the reforms will be incremental, according to one of the judges in charge.

February 22nd, 2017 | 2 Comments »

Call for delay to making online court mandatory by “up to 10 years”

The online court should be trialled alongside physical courts for five to 10 years because so many people will be excluded – some one in five according to government figures – from accessing digital-only services, according to a leading researcher.

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Small business group urges reform of legal system to deal better with disputes

Small businesses need a “beefed up” legal system that prevents disputes in the first place and resolves those that occur more, their representative body said today. This includes integrating the online court “seamlessly” with other courts, and a specialist commercial track in the small claims court.

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Susskind urges restraint and piloting over fears that Online Court is “too ambitious”

An online court should be introduced slowly and modestly rather than as ‘big bang’, according to one of the original architects of the dispute resolution model from which Lord Justice Briggs drew when devising his Civil Court Structure Review.

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Overseas model for Briggs’ online court goes live

The online small claims court expected to be the model for England and Wales was launched in Canada last week when the Act moving it from voluntary to mandatory claims came into force. The value threshold for claims will eventually will rise to those up to C$25,000 (£14,610).

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