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  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in the legal sector

    With Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) being at the forefront of many minds, now more than ever, the legal community must take steps to ensure that the sector diversifies and is inclusive of all backgrounds, races and identities. In this blog post, we explore why D&I is important and how law firms can become a more inclusive and diverse space.

    Thursday, 21 April 2022
  • Legal sector optimisation of Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 (M365) has become a staple in many law firms due to its versatility, functionality, and accessibility. We are all familiar with the use of M365 for both mail, office and, of course, Teams, but there are many products within the M365 family – that you are already paying for – that can bring great benefits to your law firm.  So, how can you optimise M365 to streamline and increase productivity? 

    Monday, 11 April 2022
  • Five practical ways of strengthening your cyber security posture

    The current threat landscape continues to evolve and heightened geopolitical activity can lead to a further increase in cyber security attacks. Law firms are considered a prime target for attacks, exploitation, and ransom, and so it is essential that the legal sector takes a proactive and structured approach to managing security.

    Friday, 25 March 2022
  • Using technology to alleviate the pressures and demands of clients

    Following the COVID-19 health crisis and with it, the transition to hybrid working, the legal sector has been forced to re-evaluate how they conduct business. Law firms and barristers’ chambers alike must adapt to changing client demands, enabled by technology, to ensure longevity and success.

    Wednesday, 19 January 2022
  • 2022: All together now… or not? Reflections from our In-House Legal CIO

    Recently, CTS hosted another one of their ‘Big Heated Debate’ social events, and were joined by law firm leaders, both clients and prospects, from up and down the UK. Participants were invited to take sides on the following: “2022 – All Together Now……or Not? Recent evidence has pointed to a drop in productivity at home. Will collaboration issues and fatigue be the key drivers for the return to the office?” Here is what we discovered.

    Monday, 10 January 2022
  • Katchr partners with legal sector specialist CTS

    CTS, the legal sector’s provider of cloud and IT services specifically shaped for law, and Katchr, provider of business intelligence solutions, have formed a new partnership, with CTS adding market-leading management intelligence products to their own portfolio of services.

    Tuesday, 4 January 2022
  • Building a business case for sustainability

    As the environmental crisis and its effects become increasingly evident, the expectations on corporate responsibility grow and the legal sector is acknowledging its obligation to act on sustainability.

    Tuesday, 30 November 2021
  • The risks legacy systems pose to your organisation

    Nothing lasts forever, and that includes hardware and software. Eventually, everything needs to be replaced and with rapid changes to businesses these systems may need to be upgraded or patched more often than you expect.

    Monday, 22 November 2021
  • Teams in RDS: What are the alternative options?

    Despite its popularity, Microsoft Teams in Remote Desktop Services (RDS) should only be used for the chat and collaboration functionality, not multimedia videos or calls, as RDS does not have the processing power that Teams needs to run these functions effectively. Your team needs to be able to work efficiently and without restrictions, regardless of their location. We discuss the most suitable and most reliable alternative solutions to RDS for your legal practice.

    Monday, 15 November 2021
  • Cyber-insurance – Are you prepared?

    Cyberattacks against the legal sector are on the rise – it is not a question of whether a cyberattack will occur, but when and how bad it will be. Having cyber-insurance can help your organisation recover.

    Friday, 5 November 2021


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