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Only one solicitor sent to SDT over referral fee ban as large CMCs thrive

Only one solicitor has been sent to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for breaching the ban on referral fees in personal injury cases, it has emerged. Meawhile, the head of claims management regulation said the “biggest CMCs are making more and more money”.

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Number of personal injury CMCs falls below 1,000

The number of personal injury claims management companies (CMCs) has fallen below 1,000, it has emerged, down from 2,300 at the start of 2013. Smaller CMCs have been hit hard by ban on personal injury referral fees, the cuts in portal fees and ban on inducements.

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LeO receives almost 1,000 CMC ‘contacts’ in first three weeks

The Legal Ombudsman has received just under 1,000 consumer ‘contacts’ about claims management companies in its first three weeks of complaints handling, it has emerged.

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MoJ announces huge fee rises for claims management companies

The Ministry of Justice has announced huge increases in the regulation fees paid by claims management companies. The MoJ said that despite the drop in the number of firms, regulation could not be similarly scaled back.

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LeO recruits team of 30 to tackle claims management complaints

The Legal Ombudsman has recruited a team of 30 to deal with the thousands of complaints about claims management companies it will receive from today, it has emerged.

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CMCs which break the rules face huge fines

Claims management companies (CMCs) which break the rules this year face potentially huge fines – of up to 20% for those with an annual turnover of more than £500,000. Smaller CMCs can be fined up to £100,000.

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