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AI not more accurate than lawyers but there are still reasons to buy it, say firms

Only a handful of legal professionals believe that artificial intelligence software is more accurate than junior lawyers and thus a reason for implementing it, according to a survey. But over three quarters planned to invest in AI systems within the next two years nevertheless, mainly to remain competitive and provide a better service to clients.

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Large London firms embracing agile working and AI could cut collective £495m rent

Twice as many large City law firms had adopted ‘agile working’ policies by the start of 2018 as had a year earlier, and have been quicker than non-law businesses to embrace artificial intelligence technology, according to a survey about office use. Between them, the top 100 firms – when ranked by office floorspace in London – spend a total of £495m per annum on rent.

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First digital mortgage added to Land Register as blockchain conveyancer adopts AI

The first digital mortgage deed was entered into the Land Register today following collaboration and testing with Coventry Building Society and Enact Conveyancing. Meanwhile, an online property sales platform that uses the blockchain to record property transactions has adopted artificial intelligence in its auction process.

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AI beats average legal mind but not best-performing lawyers

The latest ‘man versus machine’ contest, which pitted human lawyers against artificial intelligence technology, has shown the machine to be superior in both accuracy and speed. But the best-performing lawyers exceeded even the AI, although it was claimed that they did so in unnatural circumstances for a busy lawyer.

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“Neural network” robot lawyer plots international expansion

An online legal advice website has created an artificial intelligence-backed robot that it claims has been trained to answer questions on consumer rights law in natural language using one of the world’s largest datasets.

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AI lawyers coming but hold off on legislation, says Microsoft

A new breed of specialist artificial intelligence (AI) lawyer will emerge within 20 years, but governments should only legislate on the subject once technology companies have had time to develop their own ethical principles, according to Microsoft. By that time, virtually all lawyers will rely on AI to assist them with their practice, it said.

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Chatbot-based ‘firm without lawyers’ launched

A lawyer has launched an artificial intelligence-backed (AI) chatbot that powers what he calls the ‘Law Firm Without Lawyers’, initially aimed at consumer and tax law but shortly to be extended to domestic violence. Ailira is short for Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Resource Assistant.

November 30th, 2017 | 1 Comment »

Technology will put one in five legal jobs at risk, Law Society predicts

Legal jobs are already being lost to technology, with the figure climbing to tens of thousands over the next two decades as automation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) take hold, according to the Law Society. In the shorter term, the society also predicted that growth in the turnover of law firmswould be modest, with little or no ‘Brexit dividend’.

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Ex-FBI cyber chief warns lawyers over corporate espionage

Basic digital housekeeping like keeping software up-to-date and backing up data separately from your network will solve most cyber-security issues – with corporate espionage one issue law firms have to face – according to a former assistant director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Law Society unveils tech crowdfunding deal as Legal Geek hears about conservative clients

The Law Society has agreed a deal with a crowdfunding platform to connect solicitors with lawtech start-ups looking for investment. Meanwhile, a lawyer at a magic circle law firm told yesterday’s Legal Geek conference that while clients welcomed the idea of innovation, when it comes to the crunch they often chose old-style methods.

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