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Direct access chambers and specialist financial services set launch BSB ABSs

A ‘virtual’ chambers that supports direct access work has set up an alternative business structure, as has a niche financial services chambers, which become the second and third to be regulated by the Bar Standards Board. It licensed its first ABS, a collaboration between a London chambers and football agents, earlier this month.

June 1st, 2017 | No Comments »

Keep calm and carry on: BSB finds no evidence of “widespread change” at the Bar

Widespread change” is yet to happen at the Bar, with only a small minority of barristers planning to change the way they work or charge fees, a report for the Bar Standards Board has found. Despite the presence of “strong drivers for change”, the report said this did “not necessarily equate to a need or desire for a new approach”.

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ABS combining law, accountancy, finance, HR and more aims to be “doubly disruptive”

A one-stop shop for SMEs launched this week has set itself the goal of changing both the way legal and financial services are delivered and the way professionals work. By employing a “doubly disruptive philosophy”, it might be possible to break free not only of traditional business models but of traditional labels such as lawyer or accountant, the firm says.

May 17th, 2017 | 1 Comment »

ABS preparing to launch group negligence action against conveyancers

An alternative business structure is preparing to launch a group negligence action against conveyancers working for the developers and purchasers of ‘help to buy’ leasehold housing. Louie Burns, managing partner and co-owner of Leasehold Law, said the total damages claimed could potentially top £500m.

April 25th, 2017 | 6 Comments »

Ex-Premier League footballer launches ABS

A company founded by an ex-Premier League footballer to help people buy and invest in overseas property has converted into an alternative business structure so as to bring legal work in-house. Judicare Law International also seeks to protect investors in foreign property from losing money to developers in collapsed schemes and scams.

September 6th, 2016 | 2 Comments »

ABSs may “dominate in high-volume legal services”, study says

The traditional law firm partnership structure is still dominant in the profession but the arrival of alternative business structures has disrupted the status quo and may eventually become the norm in high-volume legal services, according to research.

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New ABS rules will smooth path for group structures and private equity, says SRA

Freeing up the rules on licensing alternative business structures will help the Solicitors Regulation Authority deal with more complex applications, such as those from businesses that form part of a group or have private equity investment, it has told the government.

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Exclusive: Horizontal integration in action as funeral director sets up ABS

A family-run firm of funeral directors with 36 branches has become the first of its kind to set up an alternative business structure. Lodge Brothers Legal Services, launched last week, offers fixed-fee services for clients wanting wills, probate and powers of attorney.

July 18th, 2016 | 1 Comment »

Neuberger urges debate over ethical implications of artificial intelligence

The president of the Supreme Court last week called for a debate on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and for “greater prominence” for ethics in legal training. Lord Neuberger also warned once again of increased potential for ethical conflicts in alternative business structures owned by non-lawyers.

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Here come the loss adjusters: US giant to launch ABS

Crawford & Company, one of the world’s biggest firms of loss adjusters, has announced that it is setting up an alternative business structure in the UK to offer an end-to-end claims management services. Crawford – which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange – has 27 offices in this country.

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