WillSuite is part of the Love Legal Group and is a cloud-based legal software package used by hundreds of firms of solicitors, estate planning practitioners and financial service professionals.

WillSuite has evolved into a full estate planning package with a built in CRM/ case management capability, appointment facility, a secure invoicing system and with integrations including a fully loaded client portal (Love Legal Connect) etc but equally serves perfectly as a document production and management tool.

Naturally, WillSuite enables practitioners to create Wills (both simple and complex), Will-based trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney (including business LPAs), SEV forms, Letters of wishes, Lifetime Trusts, Advanced Medical Directives and more.

WillSuite is accessible through your web browser, and we were the first estate planning package provider offering cloud-based software. All documents are produced in real time meaning you’re able to view them whilst in production, and it uses an intelligent questionnaire providing a time efficient document production tool.

Our software is built with both small and large practices in mind with integrated compliance tools, process tracking, access logs and KYC/AML checks.

Small practices benefit from transparent pricing, no lengthy contracts and certainly no price per document.

Large firms appreciate the flexibility and customisation capability as well as the ability to add restrictions and permissions, specific to each user, and there is functionality for case matters to be audited simply.

WillSuite is producing well over 100,000 Wills per year and is endorsed by both The Society of Will Writers and for the The Institute of Professional Will Writers.


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