VisualfilesVisualfiles™ is the leading business automation tool with a significant presence in the legal sector. Visualfiles™ can eliminate the need for complex programming allowing businesses to automate intricate processes simply. It is highly flexible and increases business efficiencies – helping you to stay ahead of the curve and deliver customer excellence.

As a Best of Breed solution in the UK, Visualfiles™ has been designed with the modern practice in mind. We help firms to drive more profitable and responsible decisions across the customer case lifecycle through automation. Low risk, high reward software at the grasp of your hand. For the business that wants to scale and grow.

Visualfiles™ enables firms to maximise customer onboarding whilst minimising cost, paperwork or manual intervention in administrative and secretarial processes. It also supports businesses in adapting to market changes faster and staying ahead of competition through real-time matter and case updates.

Do more. Pay less. Reduce risk. Enable smarter decisions and faster customer onboarding. Configure it according to your needs. All at the same time. All in real time. All with Visualfiles™.

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