VirtualSignatureAs a leading eSignature, document exchange, ID verification & digital onboarding platform, VirtualSignature provides the legal sector and other professional organisations with advanced solutions to securely engage with customers faster. Our range of smart applications offer more choice in how, when or where organisations deliver and manage their customer engagement processes.

All our applications are fully protected by anti-tamper, anti-spoofing & liveness technology, together with high level industry standard encryption software.

From a single platform, we offer four amazing Smart applications:

  • SmartLink provides a range of interactive messaging, client authentication and live view technology. It can be configured and used to work between intermediaries or other client facing data providers and systems as well as automating, managing and sending client pre-qualification data to any CRM.
  • With SmartSign you can securely send multiple documents for eSignature and get them witnessed with our Virtual-Witnessing AI technology. Recipients can view, sign and exchange from any internet enabled device making it the most convenient and efficient way to get agreements and contracts legally executed online. With the capability for twenty recipients to sign in any one transaction and the option for a corporate branded seal to be applied when executing deeds, SmartSign can transform the way you do business. In addition, firms can opt for a customised, e-Signature block embedded in their own website or app, meaning no more risks associated with e-mail scams and clients not having to leave the firm’s portal, thereby offering a seamless and secure user experience.
  • With SmartForms you can fully automate your digital document and form completion workflow, increase client engagement and manage any kind of interactive data exchange. With the unique ability to interact with other documents, update information in real-time and exchange data instantly, HTML SmartForms are a more advanced and alternative solution to that of standard PDFs.
  • SmartCheck provides a fully compliant way to speed up client identity verification, in real-time. The process is simple, saves valuable administration time and reduces risk. National and International photo ID documents, such as
    Passport or Driver Licence, can be scanned and the customer verified via biometric face recognition technology. SmartCheck provides a Government approved, GDPR compliant and secure way to manage and verify client identity from any remote working device. Combined with our SecureCode authentication process, SmartData algorithm and anti-tamper liveness technology, SmartCheck is an invaluable application to help reduce risk to you and your business while carrying out KYC and AML checks.

VirtualSignature offers clients a range of flexible pricing options, a bespoke service and easy RESTFUL-API. Its expertise lies in the integration and development of its software applications into existing network user services.

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VirtualSignature is a trading style of SiNERIX (DTMS) Limited

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