VirtualSignature-ID is a leading provider of Regulatory Technology (RegTech) that’s helping professional organisations automate their document and client onboarding workflows, provide remote working applications and deliver a system that truly identifies, verifies and links any individual to any matter sent electronically to them.

Focussed on delivering the most advanced customer ‘on-boarding’ solutions, we have developed a range of unique Smart Applications that provide all the tools needed to speed up document signing and form filling and carry out compliance checks automatically, including the detection of fake ID.

We work closely with Government bodies and other regulatory agencies and organisations to provide the most robust digital applications with the latest 3D and NFC-Qualified ID & eSignature validation solutions to make every onboarding journey safer, more secure and free from risk.

We offer clients a range of flexible pricing options, a bespoke service and easy RESTFUL-API.  Our expertise lies in the integration and development of our software applications into existing network user services such as Visualfiles, Proclaim, iManage and MS Dynamics.

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