ThirdfortThirdfort helps lawyers dramatically reduce risk.

Dealing with clients shouldn’t be stressful, yet client onboarding is not fit for purpose and it’s exposing lawyers to rising rates of fraud. Manual and time consuming ID verification and anti-money laundering checks are putting lawyers at risk of being taken advantage of by criminals. And heavy regulatory burdens and social distancing measures have made it harder to meet the necessary compliance standards to feel safe. On top of this, the process is complicated, stressful and outdated for clients. Providing physical or copy documents is unsafe, puts clients information at risk and is inconvenient for everyone.

That’s why we created Thirdfort. To help lawyers dramatically reduce risk and make life easier for clients going through some of the biggest moments of their lives.

We combine data, design and technology with a beautifully secure app to help lawyers combat fraud and turn strangers into trusted clients. And we’re specialists – 100% focused on legal.

How it works

  • Securely verify ID in minutes – self serve ID checks combine fast, secure document scanning and facial recognition checks. Using a photo of the ID and a selfie video taken by your client, Thirdfort confirms whether the document is genuine and proves ownership. We also perform address checks and PEPs and Sanctions screening.
  • Prove source of funds easily – Powered by FCA-regulated Open Banking technology, your client can securely provide digital bank statements and complete an in-app source of funds questionnaire so you know where there money’s from.
  • Reduce your risk – get results in real time to really know who your client is. The technology is better at spotting fraudulent documents and our support team are on hand if you, or your clients, are unsure of anything.

Thirdfort’s seriously secure app makes dealing with lawyers simple, smooth and incredibly secure.

And for lawyers, we take the risk out of dealing with strangers. We remove all the hassle out of verifying identity and performing anti-money laundering checks and let lawyers be free to focus on their work.

We believe that good people should be free to do good business. And that people going through big life moments should have a smooth and safe experience,

Giving the right experience to people doing the right thing. That’s what Thirdfort is about.


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