The CS Partnership

The CS PartnershipThe CS Partnership are lawyers and legal engineers. They are the interface between being legal experts and being technology experts.  They understand the importance of harmony between the two, and are able to drive innovation, efficiency, process improvement and client engagement.

Their mission is to positively change the legal profession and the way that legal services are delivered.

The CS Partnership’s services include:

  • Process Mapping – writing the necessary/desired alterations to your existing Case Management Software, as well as writing and building bespoke workflows/case types across all Case Management Software.
  • Training – training your staff on the changes that they create – and follow it up to ensure that staff retain what they have been taught.
  • Change Management – working with your teams to look at the human behaviours that run alongside the use of your software, because they understand that how technology is used is the differentiator. Their working methods positively change how their client teams are working.
  • Bespoke Departmental Consulting – working with departments to improve their technology, grow their client base, improve their financial performance or ensure that the firm’s risk and compliance behaviours are being adhered to at ground level.
  • Central Processes – working on central projects that affect every department within a firm, such as:- your accounting procedures and best practice; onboarding new clients and dealing with compliance issues; how to better deal with Lexcel and PII reporting; how to ensure anti-risk and AML is adhered to throughout the process of each case, and file closing procedures.
  • Third Party Reports and Integrations – they ensure that your teams work straight from their case management systems into HM Land Registry, the Courts Service, Companies House, and HMRC without needing to leave their case. The CS Partnership also help you integrate third party “bolt-ons” that you have purchased.
  • Coaching – supporting individuals and teams to change their behaviour, particularly teams who are struggling to pull together/adopt change; coaching new team leaders and heads of department; assisting your heads of department to lock down their centralised best practice habits and agreed levels of decentralised management, hit their financial targets and grow their client base.

In addition to their services, The CS Partnership also offer a number of products, including:

  • CQS Policy Pack
  • Workflow Documentation

The CS Partnership are passionate about helping great law firms work better, so please contact them at / or by telephone on 0333 9398389 for an initial, no obligation chat.


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