The College of Legal Practice

College of Legal Practice main logoThe College of Legal Practice is a new, practice-based training provider that works with legal services organisations and individuals who are willing to make the bold choice to change the way they learn.

Fully committed to increasing access to the profession, The College will offer programmes to support the increasingly diverse career pathways that are now available to those wishing to become a solicitor. From intensive, purpose-built virtual training programmes that incorporate SQE training, to those designed to develop experienced practitioners for the modern demands of the legal services sector.

Established in April 2019, The College of Legal Practice was set up by The College of Law in Australasia as a wholly owned UK subsidiary. The College of Law is a mature and unique not-for-profit provider of professional legal education and market leader for lawyer qualification training in Australasia. Their intention in forming The College of Legal Practice was to diversify and extend their expertise in delivering modular, practice-based legal training into new jurisdictions around the world, building on 45 years’ experience of working with leading law firms and training over 5,000 lawyers each year.


Our leading edge, virtual learning programmes are being designed to deliver practice-led experiential study for today’s legal profession and aspiring lawyers of the future

The College will be offering Programmes to support the legal profession at every career stage from pre-qual to leadership level:

Preparing for the SQE

High quality and personalised preparation training for SQE1 and SQE2 assessments. Flexible and focused training programmes that help aspiring solicitors to qualify.

Developing Legal Professionals

A series of core legal practice programmes to truly prepare aspiring solicitors for the demands of the workplace alongside SQE. Course topics will develop legal transactional skills across practice areas and include basic business skills.

Legal Service Professionals

A series of programmes to build up legal professionals’ specialist practice areas, advanced level business skills and management expertise in their first years of legal practice.

Leadership & Management Professionals

A series of strategic legal business programmes offering high level courses to develop the skills needed to lead the legal businesses of tomorrow.

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