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Legal training is stuck in the past. A one-size-fits-all approach to teaching simply doesn’t work. Why? Because everyone is different.

At The College of Legal Practice, we understand the importance of flexible learning. It’s why our online legal education courses are designed around you and your organisation, students’ unique circumstances, your unique aspirations for your firm.

With our Developing Legal Professionals Programme, we can help students pass the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) and develop the legal skills they need as a newly qualified solicitor. Our online nature means we’re aiming to help a more diverse group of aspiring solicitors access and progress in the legal profession.

Our team of dedicated supervisors are just a click away. And they’re not just passionate about education, they’re also experienced legal practitioners, ready to guide students with one-to-one personal supervision through our one-of-a-kind online platform.

We will also collaborate with organisations to help you design training programmes that fit with your priorities and development frameworks.

Established in 2019, The College of Legal Practice is a fully accredited higher education provider. The College was formed as a wholly-owned UK subsidiary of The College of Law in Australia; a not-for-profit provider and market leader with over 50 years of experience in legal education and training.


The College is developing a portfolio of Masters Level courses and programmes to support the legal profession at every career stage from pre-qualification to leadership level:


Preparing for the SQE

Whether students are straight out of university or looking to progress from a paralegal role; we provide the best platform for those looking to qualify and begin working as a solicitor.

We offer a range of highly interactive, part-time and full-time courses to guide learners through SQE1 and SQE2. The courses include weekly personal supervisions, surgeries, textbooks and mock SQE assessments and fees start from £1,800.

Full-time and part-time LLM in Legal Practice Programmes are also available, incorporating preparation for the SQE.

Legal Service Professionals

This programme is launching in 2022 and offers a series of practice-focused modules and short courses for legal professionals with up to five years of post-qualification experience in private practice or in-house.

Our modules will recognise the incremental progression required for a qualified practitioner building up their transactional, project management and client-facing skills.

Leadership & Management Professionals

This programme will be launching in 2023 and will offer legal professionals with at least five years of post-qualification experience a holistic understanding of the business of legal services. It helps develop strategic, operational and economic insights and the personal and professional intelligence and skills required for successful legal practice.


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