The Coal Authority

The Coal AuthorityThe Coal Authority was established by government in 1994 to manage the effects of past coal mining and to protect the public and environment across the whole of Britain. This involves managing over £4 billion worth of land liability.

Past coal mining activity can still cause concern for home owners, planners and developers.

There are over 173,500 recorded mine entries across Britain, with 1 in 4 properties in Britain sitting on the coalfield. Our public safety and subsidence team, deal with a combined total of around 1200 surface hazard incidents and subsidence claims every year.

We place keeping people safe and protecting and enhancing the environment at the heart of everything that we do – which explains our passion for using our mining information and in house expertise to support the property market.

So it’s no surprise that we’re known as a trusted provider of coal mining information, reports and advisory services to the legal and property sectors.

Our commercial reports team specialise in providing expert advice and mining reports to support residential and non-residential property transactions and land development. Our dedicated in house teams are there to support anyone with coal mining related questions, including our exceptional customer services team, who provide timely guidance and advice to keep the property market moving.

We support key industry sectors including conveyancers, geotechnical and environmental consultants, search providers and homebuyers.

April 2019 marked the launch of our new Coal Authority official CON29M coal mining report – a vital tool for use during the conveyancing process, for helping to provide accurate information when purchasing a property on the coalfield. The newly improved report highlights key information specific to a property, at a glance – enabling faster and better informed decisions.

One of the many highlights is the inclusion and confirmation of statutory protection cover provided by the Coal Authority and a professional opinion from their in house specialists, to provide peace of mind for the buyer.

Our updated CON29M coal mining report, Consultant’s report, and Enviro All-in-One report, now offer a considerable step forward in helping to manage mining and other geospatial related risks.

We also provide a range of advisory services to support the planning and development of sites. This includes pre-development advice on land acquisition and development proposals to provide greater certainty on what needs to be considered when submitting a planning application or undertaking site works.

For more information about the Coal Authority’s commercial reports, products and services please visit

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