TerrafirmaTerrafirma is a leading provider of environmental information and data intelligence, translating complex physical, financial and legal environmental risks into clear, accurate and reliable advice. Through innovative data driven services, protected by an expert professional opinion, we offer a comprehensive suite of reporting solutions to ensure that our clients are confidently equipped to better understand the ground.

We take an innovative and collaborative approach to environmental risk and impact assessment ensuring that professionals and consumers alike are forewarned to the reality and variety of risks the environment can pose to properties and land across the UK. From historical mining to the future of shale gas extraction and the impact of ground gas to the risks of natural ground movement, we can not only provide insight to data but the expert solutions required to inform and action where necessary.

Our leading Advisory Panel provides expert guidance and counsel, with a focus on educating property market stakeholders to ground hazards.

“The Terrafirma Advisory Panel comprises professionals and academics at the cutting edge of environmental and ground hazard solutions in the UK’s built-environment, legal and insurance sectors.”

Andrew Wiseman OBE, practising solicitor


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Website: www.terrafirmaidc.co.uk

Email : info@terrafirmaidc.co.uk

Tel: 0330 900 7500



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