SpeechWrite DigitalSpeechWrite Digital are specialists in providing digital dictation and voice recognition solutions for law firms. Our systems allow solicitors to be more competitive, flexible, efficient and productive whist also reducing costs.

Dictation & Voice Recognition

SpeechWrite brings you the next generation of dictation and voice recognition. Our solutions are ideal for reducing transcription costs and reliance on support staff while dramatically speeding up document turnaround for improved client service. Fully integrated within your workflow solution, our systems allow you to dictate from any device, electronically sign, send in real time, track and edit your document all within the same system.

Mobile Working

Using our mobile solutions, correspondence and reports can be reviewed, edited and signed by authors on the go. SpeechWrite allow solicitors to focus on clients by delivering solutions when or where they need them.


Our solutions will quickly and easily integrate directly into your existing case management systems as well as other applications, creating an end to end process and workflow solution. Seamless integration with SpeechWrite and your records management system will significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of document creation.


SpeechWrite solutions allow access real-time data driven metrics to provide insight into organisational workflows and drive meaningful process improvement. Keep track of your workflows by using reporting dashboards. Allow managers to track their live workflows, whilst also delivering insights that help drive efficiency.

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