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Seal SoftwareSeal Software is the leader in AI-powered contract discovery, data extraction, and analytics, for Global 2000 companies. Procurement and legal teams across the world are using Seal to reduce legal review times by an average of 45%-65%, and drive millions in procurement cost savings and transform contracts into valuable sources of business intelligence for business transformation and strategic planning.

Every Global 2000 company has tens of thousands of contracts controlling the flow of revenue and untold amounts of liability and risk, yet these strategic documents are virtually ignored once executed. Even companies with a mature contract lifecycle management system and processes struggle to gain visibility into their contracts. Seal is changing this paradigm by mining unstructured content for data and insights. Unlocking these documents’ value also unlocks the opportunity to use this information to make informed decisions in vendor management, risk analysis, and strategic analysis.

Seal is a machine learning platform for discovering, reviewing, and analysing contracts and other unstructured content. Seal leverages several technologies in combination to:

  1. Find all current contracts and eliminate the “garbage”
  2. Create searchable versions of all contracts
  3. Automatically build and refresh trusted metadata to support search, analysis, and reporting
  4. Enables use of user preferred tools – including MS Word and eSignature solutions
  5. Analyse contract data for 360° vendor visibility and compliance monitoring
  6. Establish and measure progress towards defined outcomes

The use of AI technology in the enterprise provides both advantages and challenges. From day one Seal focused on creating outcomes that exceed enterprise user expectations. Designing in the scale, adaptability, user experience and manageability that sets it apart from legal AI solutions designed for legal firms or generic AI platforms that take dedicated data scientists armed with reams of relevant data to train.

Seal Technology Solves Problems and Enables Analysis of Contracts for Risk and Outcomes

Seal’s discovery functionality is specifically designed to identify contractual documents across the network and through the scanning of physical documents, Seal then uses embedded OCR and patented AI technology to create a searchable version of all documents, a search index and extracts key information related to contractual language, clauses, clause combinations, and the key contextual metadata held within each document. The process supports multiple languages and may be conducted in discrete phases. The process eliminates the high cost and error-prone manual search for and review of tens of thousands of contracts.

Seal has predefined standard contractual terms for each major use case that can be extracted from documents. Specialized extraction packs are available for extracting terms relevant to specific topics including GDPR, QFC, M&A, and VCC. For unique company requirements, users may create bespoke policies for extracting the terms and clauses.

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