ReviewSolicitorsReviewSolicitors is the UK’s largest legal review website with over 4.5 million active users. Statistics have shown that when it comes to choosing a solicitor, over 70% of clients are influenced by online reviews and our platform allows firms to collect them all in one place.

We collect genuine client reviews that showcase a firm’s reputation and our expertise in review collection has led us to be trusted by over 1500 legal firms. ReviewSolicitors replaces paper-based collection by offering an easy and efficient response site that seamlessly integrates Facebook and Google reviews. By allowing firms to accumulate reviews from multiple platforms, both client confidence and search engine click-through rates are boosted.

To collect reviews, firms either send out a link to clients provided by us, or through integration with their case management provider. The average request response is between 25 and 30%. Firms receive a monthly report which breaks down reviews according to area of law and solicitor, so that they can always stay on top of their feedback.

Individual solicitors receive a personal profile page where they can collect their reviews and respond to legal enquiries. Our individual solicitor module also allows firms to appear a lot more personable and gives a direct line of contact for potential clients.

On top of this, as a premium firm, you would

1) Have a star rating next to your Google listing. This gives potential clients more confidence in your firm and increases click through rates. A good star rating helps generate more qualified leads and improves ad performance. To see an example, simply Google – “Clarkson Wright and Jakes solicitors”

2) Receive a customised widget for your homepage – this enables you to showcase your average rating and positive reviews from the ReviewSolicitors site. As a third party, these reviews carry far more weight than testimonials on a firm’s page. (see for an example)

3) Have an enhanced profile page where you can showcase individual members of the firm. You can see an example here:

4) Appear at the top of ReviewSolicitors’ search results for when potential clients search for a solicitor in your region

5) Receive assistance with your social media – we post positive reviews to your Twitter page – Example –

6) Be recommended on all of the pages of local rival firms that are not ReviewSolicitors members

7) Be able to remove reviews from non-clients swiftly through your user dashboard

8) Receive a monthly report as to how your firm has performed

9) Be able to add a free-text comment to any review left on your page

10) Have an integration with Google reviews – add Google reviews to your ReviewSolicitors account and collect Google reviews with ReviewSolicitors moving forwards

11) Appear top of our ranking pages

ReviewSolicitors is the leading platform for collecting and showcasing client reviews –  we strive to make sure that firms are always in control.

ReviewSolicitors are excited to announce that we have been invited to participate in the SRA’s Quality Indicators Pilot Phase One: Online reviews from clients of law firms. As the UK’s leading online legal review platform, ReviewSolicitors are working hand in hand with the SRA to ensure the pilot is a success for those law firms who are interested in collecting and showcasing their feedback via an independent third party.

Find out more about the SRA Pilot here:

Find out more about ReviewSolicitors here:


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