Redbrick Solutions

Redbrick Solutions

Redbrick Solutions: Easy to use Conveyancing Case Management. Delivered by experts.

Redbrick Solutions provide a modern, easy to use conveyancing case management system to progressive mid-tier law firms.

The user interface of our conveyancing case management solution is simple to navigate and follows a logical process that will be familiar to all conveyancers, helping to increase ease and efficiency for all parties.

In client satisfaction surveys, Redbrick case management is consistently awarded 99%+ for ‘ease of use’ and, along with its rich functionality, is one of the main reasons clients choose us.  As one of the leading conveyancing case management software systems available on the market, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted partner by your side.

Redbrick assists users at every step of the way, from the initial estimate through to invoicing the client and collecting monies, it produces letters, bills and statements in seconds and manages risk via a transparent to-do list visible to case owners with third party links built in.

Conveyancing firms will benefit from the numerous integrations such as SDLT, Outlook, Biometric AML, Searches, HM Land Registry e-DRS with digital AP1s, a reporting module and secure (2FA) document sharing and case tracking portal and many more.  Redbrick’s unique business model delivers frequent upgrades at no cost to clients, meaning that they always have the latest and best in technology, keep abreast of regulatory changes and future proof the firm.  Progressive, successful firms embrace advancements in technology and utilise them to deliver a better service to their clients. 

Read some of our client reviews to find out more.

Get in touch today to discover how you can manage your conveyancing digitally with Redbrick Solutions. Visit or call us on 01572 770088.



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