O’Connors Legal Services Limited

O'Connors Logo200O’Connors Legal Services Limited is gaining a national and international reputation as the legal adviser of choice for solicitors, barristers, CMCs, funders and others operating within the UK legal services sector. We aim to provide a blend of legal, regulatory, tactical and market intelligence to give our clients greater confidence when making major strategic decisions to protect their businesses and seize market opportunities – and to deliver it with the benefit of solicitor-client confidentiality and legal advice privilege.

Our legal services sector team is led by Mark O’Connor who has been advising professional firms for over 30 years. Mark has personal experience of managing a large full service law firm and a small specialist law firm as well as handling transactions and day-to-day financial and operational matters. The team’s work includes advice on:

  • Business strategy and management issues;
  • Legal services regulatory advice;
  • Mergers, acquisitions and sales;
  • New business start-ups;
  • Business structures and restructures including companies, LLPs, partnerships and Alternative Business Structures (ABSs);
  • Contractual arrangements with work introducers;
  • Technology procurement contracts;
  • Data protection;
  • Financing arrangements with banks, private equity and other funders;
  • ATE and other insurance arrangements;
  • Insurance captives;
  • Third party litigation funding arrangements;
  • Market trends and insights.

For further information, please contact Mark O’Connor or Nigel Wallis on 0151 906 1000 or via oconnors.law

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