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NatWestThe legal sector today is a far cry from that of even a few years ago. Operating in a fiercely competitive and increasingly regulated environment, lawyers have been forced to sharpen their focus on business management.

  • Generation of revenue and control of costs is now as important as the quality of the service offered to clients.
  • Reputation and risk management are demanding issues, no longer taken for granted.
  • Escalating premiums for professional indemnity insurance are a cause of widespread concern.
  • The high levels of work in progress in most law practices can make cash flow a persistent problem.
  • Recently announced increases in income tax will place further burden on a firm’s and individual’s cash flow.

In this climate, a bank that understands the forces at work in the legal world and is familiar with the dynamics of Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Corporate Structures can make all the difference. The right bank can ease the strain and help deliver a better service to you.

Its efficient handling of your client accounts will help bring peace of mind and could greatly reduce the margin for error. Working capital and capital investment needs will be addressed speedily and positively. Access to Bankline, our secure, powerful and easy-to-use internet banking service, can give your firm a major boost by cutting down on paperwork and freeing up your time. With its depth of expertise and the support of an extensive high street branch network, the right bank will deliver all of this locally through sector specialist relationship managers.

Talk to our specialist team. For further details contact:

Steve Arundale, Director of Professional Sectors, London
Telephone: 07796 993717