Legal intelligence from LexisNexis®

At LexisNexis, our mission is to advance the Rule of Law around the world.  Everything we do – from our products and services, to how we do business, is about ensuring that all people are equal under the law.  We want to empower legal professionals to have access to the very best in legal intelligence.  We want to help them reach better answers faster and more efficiently.

Lexis®PSL helps add more value

Using and interpreting content is just as important as finding a piece of law. LexisPSL helps you find practical answers quickly with practice notes that get straight to the point alongside time-saving tools including thousands of precedents, checklists, template policies, how-to guides, calculators and our International Comparator Tool. We offer coverage and guidance across 35 practice areas, including sector specific guidance and tailored in-house content.

Lexis®Library has the most up to date, comprehensive legal content

Using simple, everyday English our search will find the document or legislation needed in LexisLibrary and suggest connections that may not have been considered.  With exclusive titles such as Halsbury’s Laws of England, Harvey’s Industrial Relations and Employment Law, Tolley’s Commercial Contracts and many more – there is no alternative.

Lexis®Draft takes the risk out of risk

Reputation is everything in a crowded market.  LexisNexis provides the tools and guidance help steer through the challenges of compliance without delay or difficulty, providing the latest advice and embedding best practice business-wide.  Cutting edge software such as LexisDraft, detailed practice notes and comprehensive precedents ensure that the risks of legal human error are minimised.

Visualfiles™ speeds up the everyday

Speed up case and matter management with Visualfiles.  Convert time consuming and costly business process into efficient and profitable workflows with process automation.  Offer a better client experience and increase collaboration all whilst improving margins.

Every customer matters with InterAction®

InterAction is a dynamic CRM portfolio built specifically for legal and professional services.  Spend less time chasing new business leads that go nowhere.  Strengthen relationships with clients and identify prospects that need your help.  Uncover the value in your contacts, grow a book of business and improve client experience.


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