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LEGAL RSSLegal RSS will help you show your clients and prospects that you are thoroughly up to date with legal news, case law and court judgments.

We supply website-ready summaries of court judgments categorised over 60 different legal disciplines to enable you to keep your website, blogs and social media content up to date.

We engage highly experienced court reporters, legal writers and marketers in the legal sector who attend court, analyse the judgments and create a sharp precis of each, highlighting their implications and helping to bring the law to life for you, your colleagues, prospects and clients.

The benefits of our newsfeed service for you are:

  1. Exceptional legal content for the news sections of your website
  2. Topical content to help inform your blogs
  3. Topical content to help with your social media postings
  4. A wide range of content for your newsletters and legal briefings
  5. Support in showing you are up to date with legal events
  6. Seamless link to your website avoiding much time-wasting administration
  7. Highly cost effective – saving you around 90% compared to other means of obtaining this service

Our smartphone legal news app

We can also offer you our FREE TO DOWNLOAD SMARTPHONE APP for both Apple and Android smartphones.

This gives you immediate access to all the legal news that we create and enables you to tailor your own news stream and receive alerts when matters of interest are published.

Your own smartphone app

We can personalise our legal newsfeed app for your own firm.

This will enable you to engage at a deeper level with your current and prospective clients and further demonstrate your wider knowledge on the legal sector. Your app will also have a very strong analytics capability which will help better inform your own communications to clients.


For further information and a demonstration:

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Greg Best – 03453 404 322 –

Managing Director

Martyn Best – 07798 700500 –


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